Today: January 17 2019
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Ex-Foreign Minister of Latvia recognizes the truth of the policies of Putin on Ukraine and the Middle East

Ex-Foreign Minister of Latvia recognizes the truth of the policies of Putin on Ukraine and the Middle East

Tags: Opinions, Latvia, EU, Refugees, Syria, the West, Russia, Putin

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, now an opposition politician, said Janis Jurkans portal Delfi, which swept Europe refugee crisis can help to improve relations between Russia and the West.

Юрканс does not consider, that the crisis with refugees can ruin the European Union: "Europe now as a beacon that attracts migratory birds. People do not want to live in poverty and places where there is a threat to life. Moreover, we must not forget that the war in Syria did not arise out of nowhere - the United States, Europe, and Latvia, including, put their hands on it, so now they must solve this problem. The only way, in my opinion, is the blockade of the "Islamic state". On the territory seized by this terrorist entity live approximately 6-8 million people. All these people have to be fed, militants to arm, pay salaries. Where does the "Islamic state" take money? Sells oil. They have already captured a third of Syria and Iraq - precisely those areas where there is oil. If they are blocked and deprived of funds, they will begin to clash with each other and gradually weaken. It is necessary to encircle this territory tightly, to deprive the market of sales. For example, now cheap oil from the "Islamic state" is bought by the Turks. It is profitable for them. In Turkey, more than recently, there were about 2 million internally displaced persons. Turks themselves do not really like the Arabs, and on November 1, early elections are scheduled in Turkey. And what did the country's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan do in this situation? He simply took a large party of refugees to the Greek islands, from where they dispersed throughout Europe. "

Jurkans added: "The European Union had to look for ways of cooperation with Turkey - Turks give funding so that they can contain the refugees on their territory. They need to build schools, housing and hospitals. At the time, he acted as Berlusconi. He paid Gaddafi 4 billion euros, and thus put a stop to the flow of deserters from Libya. Europe should try to negotiate with Turkey, Jordan, Egypt ... I am convinced that everyone wants to live closer to home, and not somewhere in the rich, but cold Norway or Sweden. "

The politician believes: "Putin realized that through assistance to the West in the fight against Islamic terrorism, it is possible to improve relations with the US, and to achieve the lifting of sanctions or at least part of them. Theoretically, in the current economic regime, Russia can hold out for another five years. But Putin wants to begin to reckon with Russia and its geopolitical interests on the world stage. He has already made good progress in signing the Minsk agreement: in fact, he forced Poroshenko to assume such obligations, which he a priori can not fulfill, because he is not able to change the Constitution of Ukraine at least for the normalization of the situation. Putin wants the West to talk to him on an equal footing, especially the United States. In Europe, with Putin for a long time, everyone is ready to communicate. But he wants to get Washington's recognition. "

Янис Юрканс marks: "Today Ukraine already nobody interests. Everyone worries about how to solve the problem with terrorists. It was not by chance that a decision was made to sign an agreement on the use of atomic energy and the lifting of sanctions from Iran: Iran is the only country that struggles in every possible way against the "Islamic state". Putin is well aware of the Muslim issues. He through it came to power. Remember Chechnya! Americans have national interests. The Middle East is one of the most important regions for them. That's why they went to Iraq, unleashed a war in Afghanistan, started arming oppositionists of Assad. But now the Americans themselves see that their policy in the Middle East does not work. If Putin helps them solve the IG problem, they will be happy. Americans perfectly understand how much Europe is weak in the military field and not united. Independently Europeans with the problem of refugees and IG can not cope.

Answering a question about "whether the West will forgive Putin Crimea?", Yurkans said: "You know, you can not say that" Putin took the Crimea. " Of course, he did not like that the Americans are strengthening their influence in Ukraine. But the Crimeans nevertheless voluntarily went to a referendum. People were afraid of persecution against the Russians. Yes, the referendum was held in the presence of the Russian navy. So what? When we in 1991 held a referendum in Latvia on the restoration of independence, then the Soviet army was also stationed there. Does anyone claim that results need to be canceled? It is time Europe now to decide what kind of principle we are upholding - territorial integrity or the people's right to self-determination, as it was in the Baltic countries and Yugoslavia.

The expert added: "It is important how Putin will behave in the Donbass. Now they stopped shooting. I think this is a serious signal to the UN General Assembly, which is scheduled for September 28. Apparently, the same in New York, Putin will present his plan to combat terrorism. Something to do with the need to Assad. Completely reset it Putin can not - too much has been invested in Assad. If Putin will be able to help deal with the IG is likely he will push through the UN Security Council for a compromise on the fate of Syria and Assad. "

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