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Ex-Prime Minister of Greece suffered a car explosion

Four people were injured in an explosion in the car of former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papadimos, the life of the politician is not in danger, told a source in the police.

"Papadimos is in the hospital, his life is not threatened." The explosion exploded in the car, injuries were also received by three people who accompanied the ex-premier, "the source said. He noted that, according to doctors, the lives of other victims are also safe.

The source also said that after the incident, emergency meetings are held in the police. According to him, the car, although it is armored, was badly damaged inside, the explosion occurred while driving.

"In March, a number of Greek politicians and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble received packages with explosives: the question was where Papadimos received the package before he got into the car," the source said.

According to observers, this is the first terrorist attack on the former prime minister of Greece after the overthrow of the junta in 1974 and the restoration of democracy in the country.

According to the newspaper "Ethnos", the former prime minister was hospitalized, he was injured in the arm and in the abdomen. In addition to him and the driver, according to the publication, lightly injured a personal guard Papadimos. It is also reported that the explosion occurred during the movement of the car.

Papadimos served as Prime Minister of Greece from 11 November 2011 on 16 May 2012 year.

In March, at the central post office in Kryoneri, the Greek police discovered eight bomb-posts. They were to be delivered to one of the offices of the European Central Bank and two high-ranking officials of the eurozone.

Prior to this, two parcels-bombs were sent to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and to the Paris office of the IMF. In Germany, a suspicious package was seized by policemen. In Paris, an employee of the fund was wounded and opened the mail. The anarchist terrorist organization "Conspiracy of Fire Cells" took responsibility for sending the first parcel-bomb.

A source: RIA News

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