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Bishop: Christians after the atrocities of the IG will not want to return to Iraq and Syria

Who fled from Iraq and Syria's Christians, most likely, will not return to their homeland, as seen by their atrocities on the part of radicals, cast doubt on the fact that in these countries comes stability, said in an interview with La Stampa apostolic administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Bishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa .

The bishop spoke about his trip to the Iraqi refugee camp in Jordan. Visiting a local school, he asked the teachers for some curriculum taught children - Jordanian or Iraqi. "They laughed, saying," According to the British! We all left there (in Iraq - Ed.) "War can not bring peace, they can only win the war Policymakers need to establish peace here, but this is not happening no one knows what they (the people of Iraq and Syria -... Ed. ) the future holds After that Christians have seen ... They're gone and unlikely to return "." - said the bishop.

According to him, the Christian community in these countries disoriented. However Pizzaballa hopes for the best, citing the example of unsuccessful attempts to destroy the Christians in the region for two thousand years the religion of Christ.

Many Middle Eastern Christians were killed or become refugees since both banned in the Russian group "Islamic state" (IG) has won part of the territory of northern Iraq in the summer of 2014 years. Later IG action spread to the north-east of Syria.

A source: RIA News

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