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Erdogan went by Saddam Hussein?

Erdogan went by Saddam Hussein?

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Turkey turned to the side of Chaos. A few years after the so-called "Arab spring" has become abundantly clear that the aim of the organizers of the bloody action in the vast expanse of the Middle East is absolutely clear - the chaotic region.

As at the time put it, General Wesley Clark, former commander of NATO forces in the war against Yugoslavia: "We decided to bomb several countries", referring to the plans of the US administration to eliminate Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and other states canoes UN. This he said in his frank, became famous, an interview with "Voice of America":

By the term "bomb" means it is a concrete result - the elimination of state in these countries. The Yankees, in contrast to the situation in Yugoslavia, when the ruins of the former European country were created, legalized and even taken part in the new states of the European Union, the Middle East do not like going.

In their understanding, we are not talking about any "structuring" of the new Arab states after the expulsion through the "humanitarian bombing" ("bombing" - and all ...) of their former rulers. Everywhere this strategy of Washington sows Chaos - from the states there are only memories. And, more than that, an ever wider circle of participants is drawn into this funnel of chaos. I hope no one doubts that the flow of refugees to Europe is directly related to the fact of the destruction of entire countries? Or did someone not see the picture of the devastation in the countries that got on the "list", voiced by General Wesley Clark?

Another bar in the story - this is a strategic card "reformatting the Middle East", known as "Peters map" on behalf of the US strategy, the Pentagon will make for these plans.
There also procured a place for Turkey "to the slaughter":

Take a look - the process goes straight for the Pentagon's plans: on these cards, and Turkey and Iraq, and Syria, and Iran still in 2006 year Pentagon, that is to say the political leadership of the United States was destined reducing critical areas through the creation of an independent "Free Kurdistan". After all, on the lands mentioned four UN member states live the Kurdish people, numbering about 40 million people, and still does not have his public education.

And the Yankees is provided. And promising redistribution of the cards dealt in the region. And started to implement its plan for ... shirmochka "Arab Spring" ...

"Friends of Turkey" has long been clear: to achieve its objectives - to split the Kurdish areas of Turkey and other countries and to bring them together in a "Free Kurdistan", it is necessary first of all to bring the inner life of these countries, including the Republic of Turkey, to the state, Chaos when finally rise up against all of these areas. And, if he does not break out on their own, it will be thrown from the neighboring already set on fire the fire of war, land - from Syria and Iraq.

LIH here plays the role of catalyst and consumables. His task in the last year, seems to be was to keep the fire of the Syrian and the Iraqi conflict at a certain level, preparing "casus beautiful"A major provocation, after which Turkey polyhnet.

Well, could not have "friends of Turkey" to achieve the desired result with any mess at Taksim Square in Istanbul two years ago, no attempts to involve the Turkish army directly to the Syrian grinder or a dastardly murder of dozens of people at a rally on the eve of the repeated elections 1 November Turkey. Shake it, and it is still "not shaken ..."

But the owners of world finances usually play vdolguyuAnd do not reject one of the vile provocations to the, eventually achieved.

Now, I write about it and is already open to the media (XXI age, you know, murder will hide) Their goal - to escape from the impending collapse of the world financial systemCreated by the masters of the world's money with the bankers, artists. To be randomized space of Eurasia from the Korean Peninsula to the south of Paris, has its range around the Eurasian continent has thrown over, as they say, "anaconda loop."

From this loop run money on Wall Street. With the Middle East have moved there for the sake of "saving the average dollar" almost a trillion dollars! The next step - in Europe.

See: this loop instability today It becomes almost continuous:

Why Russia is hit by terrorists in Syria? So to cut this "loop" almost in the center, and then how to teach at the Academy of the General Staff to defeat the enemy on the flanks.

And now the answer to the Yankees to take countermeasures Russia became a provocation with the prospect of tightening already in Turkey - a NATO member, for a moment - in the funnel of Chaos. In case of a successful solution to this US strategic objectives, Eurasia get another powerful source of instability near the borders of Russia and the European Union. Combustible material in the form of, for example, the relations of the Turkish and Kurdish people in Turkey, according to the customers of this adventure, enough to push almost 80-millionth of the country into chaos funnel.

And she provocation for those who remember, on what got burned Saddam Hussein in 1990 year, it becomes clear, on the basis of studying ... "British case law": that has been successfully used before - a precedent for future actions.

So, then, in 1990 the eve of the Iraqi regime's invasion of Kuwait, US Ambassador April Glespi (April Catherine Glaspie) made it clear to Saddam that Washington would not protest particularly in the case of the annexation of a neighboring country, the land is considered historically Iraqi Saddam. And Saddam pecked at the "bait" and hit Iraq and occupied Kuwait virtually unarmed.

The whole story is over, it is known - Chaos and the elimination of the Iraqi state, de facto, the execution of Saddam Hussein, the confidence of the "friends" in Washington.

There, in Iraq after the American occupation, today the full set of conditions for the growth of the local bedlam: LIH and with his vilayets, and the Kurds in the north-west do not want to listen to instructions from Baghdad, and people died nemeryannom ...

And the Erdogan today is different from Saddam, if, say, he hit on the Russian Air Force, before it received support in Washington and in NATO? An indirect manifestation this version It is the fact that immediately after the destruction of our SU-24 over Syria, Erdogan managed to remove pre-installed direct link between the defense ministries of Russia and Turkey, and threw himself - as the cover! - The headquarters of NATO's support. As if it was shot down Russian Turkish aircraft, and not vice versa.

So, I know where to go? I had reasons for that to get the "umbrella" of NATO?

And here in this place the unfolding crisis, remembering Saddam and US empty promises.

Take a look - Erdogan, like Hussein, is now virtually alone. NATO refused to intercede for him. Washington voiced phrase that is - the conflict between Turkey and Russia, the United States and not in deeds.
And Russia took another pause MAT on which, in recent years our "partners" in the West often become lost appetite.

In the short term, Turkey can expect the fate of "rogue state," which for the first time since the early 1950-ies - from the days of the Korean War - I dare to shoot down military aircraft with Russian stars on the fuselage. NATO is now Turkey can fight only in words, and from the North Atlantic alliance is not even an unambiguous political support, showed that an emergency meeting in Brussels. Obama simply turned away. In vain, it appears Erdogan ruffled his cheek?

Now the prospects for Turkey within the framework of Russian-Turkish relations.

Turkey - the fifth-largest trading partner of Russia with a share of 4,6-5% of the total Russia's trade with the outside world. Yes, we recently wanted to raise trade turnover to 100 billion dollars in the coming years - while he was in the area of ​​35 billion. Now you can delete this perspective.

According to some estimates, Russian tourists brought to Turkey income 18-20 billion dollars a year. Also discarded. The more that the Russian Foreign Ministry immediately directly warned to travel to Turkey on holiday do not recommend.

Russian construction project in Turkey's nuclear power plant has been rated very powerful - its closure Priplyusuet to the general loss of Turkey's more 20 billion turnover.

The embargo on Turkish food even not have to wait - "Rospotrebnadzor" has blocked 1 with December delivery chicken.

Closure of projects of Russian-Turkish construction business in Russia - the loss of billions of dollars more in Turkey.

Russian football clubs refused to immediately spring training camp in Turkey. Not too much money, but ... Prestige!

Crimea has decided to break off business relations with Turkey, said the head of the region Sergei Aksenov. And the Turks have only just begun to establish their business in the Crimea.

Russian border guards at a checkpoint "Kazbegi - Upper Lars" block in Russia following a pass through Georgia to Turkish trucks transit numbers, the correspondent of the newspaper LOOK in Georgia with reference to the news agency "Pirveli". Rot goods ...

Russian gas pipeline project - Turkey - Southern Europe proved to be a big question. We can, of course, slam the door, but, even before ourselves the task to save the European market for Russian gas. And save for a long time, because there - in the case lock to the south of us - already "soaped" and American shale (still in question), and the Qatari liquefied natural gas (more realistic).

On the other hand, the reduction of gas supplies from Russia directly to Turkey, as an alternative response can "squander" the entire Turkish economy at once. The Turks more than half of domestic production consume Russian gas, and other options for them just for today does not exist. So, in the direction of gas now in Moscow a free hand to dictate its conditions ...

So, according to conservative estimates, losses Erdogan - a 100 billion. If Russia will take appropriate action.

Total: instead of "billion plus 100" for Turkey will "minus 100 billion." And the money the Turks know how to count ...

This is where the chaos with several parties and will enter the Turkish door - and by the Kurds, and from the direct loss of the Turkish economy and of the discontent of the population - are losing the gift does not pass, and still you never know from what - the Armenian Genocide can remember already internationally level.

And everything is fine provocateurs counted. In the event of the success of the Jesuit ideas, Turkey will rapidly randomized. Without the "friendly support" of the NATO countries. But, on the contrary, can even "friendly fire." QED: "Chaos, Let It Chaos!"

It seems that the situation is driving the Turkish government in a political corner, where he had just no good moves. In chess, it is called zugzwang - every next move only worsens the position.

What happened with Saddam, we have remembered. What happens with Erdogan and Turkey, on the whole, the world will see in the near future. West they have "thrown." It remains to get a "shot through the hip" by Russia, and the defeat will count due to "touch the blades of the carpet."

East, of course, the case - thin. But sometimes even the Eastern wisdom is not able to prevent the eastern stupidity.

... In the center of Ankara 25 November bombings, according to news agencies place.

It seems that the "Friends of Turkey" without delay, begin to push Erdogan straight on the road to chaos.

Well, then, in these parts, he is not the first ...

Sergei Filatov
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