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Erdogan visited Russia not for onions and cabbage

Turkish press dubbed President Erdogan's visit to the Russian historical and expect a breakthrough in bilateral relations in the economic sphere. At the same time noted the hardness of the Russian position on the Kurdish question, which is clearly not like Ankara. Observers believe: Erdogan to the question - paramount, because under the guise of fighting with the Kurds, Turkey takes control Syrian territory.

The visit to Russia of the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan and his talks in the Kremlin with Vladimir Putin became historic for both countries. This is the conclusion in Istanbul and Moscow. This is the second visit of Erdogan after the normalization of relations. Cooling took place in the autumn of 2015 years after the destruction of the Turks over Syria Russian bomber Su-24. Only a formal apology Ankara last summer were able to reverse the situation and the relationship began to recover.

During Friday's meeting, the leaders discussed bilateral cooperation and the situation in Syria, particularly the observance of the ceasefire, and the interaction between the two countries in the international arena. Now, Turkey hopes to increase the supply of products in Russia and restore the flow of tourists. On the eve of Russian Cabinet authorized the import of carnations from Turkey and a number of products, including onions, cauliflower and broccoli.

Ready for Dialogue

A member of the Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Sergey Zhelezniak called the Russian-Turkish relations are an example of political wisdom and readiness for comprehensive dialogue and interaction. He pointed to the great potential of cooperation in energy, trade, investment, banking, scientific and cultural exchange.

"In this case, the most important area of ​​common Russian and Turkish forces currently remain issues of security and counter the terrorist threat. In this regard, the most important decisions will be an agreement on cooperation between Russian and Turkish security forces in establishing relationships and enhance the exchange of operational information ", - the deputy of RIA" News "said.

In turn, a senior fellow at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Dolgov said that the Russian-Turkish relations in general have always been positive. As a result, Erdogan's visit "opened good prospects for cooperation in various fields." But Russia must act in restoring relations as actively as Turkey to promote their products, conduct joint projects and invest their intellectual resources.

Pre-crisis targets

On Saturday, many Turkish publications Editorials shone "historic and very special," Erdogan's visit. The observers particularly noted the desire of countries to return to pre-crisis goals in the economy. As indicated by the "Sabah" newspaper, "Russia's growing geopolitical importance of Turkey is a vital and decisive, especially in an environment where economic centers are shifted from the Atlantic to the Pacific."

A newspaper "Turkiye" pointed to the visit of international importance, especially for Europe, which benefit Turkey's problems in its relations with Russia. According to the newspaper, "such a situation is just one of evidence that Europe does not know the last time, how to act, and thinks randomly."

Serious discrepancies

According to Tass, the publication "Milliyet" pointed out the discrepancy between the countries on the Kurdish issue. In particular, the establishment of the Kurdish areas in northern Syria near the border with Turkey. "We can say that he (Putin) is limited to the general thesis, but did not give specific estimates. Thus, the main question after the Erdogan-Putin meeting in whether it would be dealt with this serious problem. And if so, how? "- The newspaper writes.

Another indication that the relationship is far from perfect, it was Turkey's decision to stop the ferry from the Crimea. Now the supply of Turkish products and goods to the island impossible. It was less than six months after its renewal. Message resumed in October last year - then the Russian ferry "Varyag" made its first flight from Sevastopol in Zonguldak.

Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia Semen Bagdasarov admitted that there is always concern, when he hears the message "about the next visit of the historic" because "then it ends badly."

He underlined that in the implementation of economic relations, be it development of the project "Turkish stream" or building "Akkuyu" NPP is interested primarily Ankara itself, and the dialogue on political issues has to do with it. Therefore, Erdogan visited Moscow not for the opportunity to resume deliveries to the Russian market onion and cauliflower.

"For Erdogan the key issue is the elimination of the Federation of Northern Syria, as they call it - is the territory in the north-eastern Syria under the control of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party and self-defense units", - he told the newspaper VIEW Bagdasarov.

He is convinced that Russia will not close under pressure from Erdogan in his representation of the Kurds. "We were so very passive in the Kurdish area, which gave Americans the opportunity to gain a foothold there, to create in the north-eastern Syria several military structures, including a rather serious base in 35 kilometers south of Cobán. It is able to take heavy transport aircraft, "- he said.

According to the expert, Russia has understood that to give Erdogan on the Kurdish question can not be. Turkey has already taken control of 2 thousand sq. M. kilometers of Syrian territory, though in practice the Turkish army was weak, which showed seven-month battle for the Syrian pride Al-Bab ... Russia can not go in the wake of the Turkish side. No need to rush to the Kurdish issue. We must, on the contrary, be fixed on this issue ", - summed up Bagdasarov.

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Author: Andrew Rezchikov

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