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Erdogan makes a mistake before meeting with Putin

Erdogan quoted Putin from their telephone conversation. The problem is not so much misinterpretation of correct speech, but in the fact that the Kremlin does not like to disclose such details. And considering that the Russian-Turkish relations again has not the easy times, the upcoming negotiations promise to be for Erdogan difficult.

Turkish president has once again made a strong statement about the Syrian leader. In an interview with Reuters, he said that "Assad is not a solution to a potential settlement in Syria. Syria should be exempt from Assad that could appear a decision. "

This is not the first application of this kind of Erdogan. However, in this case interesting is that in support of his position, he disclosed details of his telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin.

According to the Turkish leader, the Russian president told him: "Erdogan, do not get me wrong, I'm not defending Assad, I am not his lawyer."

In the context of a new declaration of the need to care Assad cited Putin's words can be interpreted as a change in Moscow's position on the fate of the Syrian leader.

In reality, things are quite different and the situation of interest by several circumstances.

Erdogan cited Putin's words fully correspond to the official and repeatedly voiced in recent years the Kremlin's position. Russia in the Syrian conflict invariably stands on the fact that it does not support Bashar al-Assad, and the legitimate government of Syria.

It is a kind of irony that the disclosed Erdogan Vladimir Putin's words accurately reproduce his own statement almost five years ago. In December 2012, the Russian president said that "we are not a lawyer acting Syrian leadership." That is, it is a standard and has many years of Moscow's formula for describing Russia's position on the Syrian crisis.

Thus, Erdogan's words look like an attempt to mislead the agency journalists and the general public. The most interesting here is the question, whether he was the leader of the Turkish victim of a self-induced illusion to convince himself that Putin's words can be interpreted as a weakening of Moscow, its support of the Syrian regime.

Whatever it was, as the Kremlin has already confirmed the immutability of Putin's stance on Assad, as well as what he really is not his lawyer. According to the press secretary of the Russian president, the "protected by international law."

No less interesting is the fact of the publication of Erdogan's words Vladimira Putina.

There is nothing out of the ordinary. Similar situations occurred many times in recent years.

One of the biggest scandals in 2014 was the disclosure by the then European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, the details of his telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin. Barroso at the summit of EU heads quoted the Russian president: "If I wanted to, I could take Kiev in two weeks."

Whereas this has caused a huge stir and sensation that subsided only after Moscow offered to publish an audio recording of the conversation, so that all could see that Putin's words were taken out of context.

Since then there have been several similar cases, when Putin's colleagues disclose the details of conversations with him tete-a-tete. As a result, Moscow has repeatedly commented on the details of the situation, noting that it is a violation of the established traditions of communication Heads of State and diplomatic protocol.

Moreover, in the Kremlin's tone is always clearly came through contempt for such behavior.

Given the circumstances, it is clear that Erdogan's action did not add to his points in the Kremlin. And he himself did not benefit from the opening words of Putin, who showed that even in private conversations, the Russian president is careful what he says.

Piquant situation adds that a week later, on May 3, in Sochi, Putin held a meeting with Erdogan. Step Turkish President in this situation, the more looks mistake as unlikely to add to his liking and strengthen its position in the negotiations, which promise to be very difficult.

At this point in Russian-Turkish relations are developing conflicting trends, which are mutually friendly rhetoric is not accompanied by a benevolent steps from both sides. For example, Turkey closes its market to Russian grain, Russia retains an embargo on the most important Turkish products.

Plus, despite the formal success of the recent constitutional referendum in Turkey, Erdogan, in reality the situation is far from brilliant. The plebiscite revealed the full depth of the split the Turkish society.

In a relationship with Europe and the United States are also all easy. If disengagement from Europe and the willingness to abandon plans for accession countries in the EU can hardly bears fatal consequences, then with the United States more difficult.

Continuing clashes between the Turkish army and the Kurdish militia in Syria and Iraq. This causes a sharply negative reaction of the United States, as in this case they support the Kurds.

As a result, Erdogan found himself in a situation where it is completely lined with problems, difficulties and enemies - both within the country and outside. Will there be enough resources at its disposal "to fight" right on many "fronts", the question remains open.

Expanding Putin's words, the Turkish president made a completely unnecessary step, which is able to further complicate its position on one of the "fronts" - in future negotiations in Sochi. Was this the Turkish president to some idea or he did it on impulse, in this case does not matter.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

Tags: Erdogan, Turkey, Putin, Russia, Politics, Assad, the Middle East, Syria, International Relations, Research