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14.04.2017 - 08: 19

Erdogan said about the dependence of the future of Europe from Turkish migrants

Millions of Turkish migrants who live in Europe, will determine its fate, Turkish President Redzhep Tayip Erdogan at a rally in the province of Giresun.

Europe's future will be determined 5 million of our brothers, who settled there, "- he said.

According to him, Europe has "no tolerance for Muslims", and she starts to show his anti-Islamic sentiment, reports TASS with reference to Anadolu.

Erdogan also said that Turkey's "no obstacles" to extend the state of emergency, Ankara intends to do so, reports Reuters.

Vzglyad reported quarrel between Turkey and the Netherlands and some other European countries.

The conflict was caused by the desire of Turkish politicians to speak to residents in Europe Turkish citizens to enlist their support in a referendum on amendments to Turkey's constitution. Many European politicians have reacted negatively to Ankara's attempts to solve its internal problems on the territory of the states of Europe. The Netherlands Government also used the conflict to strengthen its position in the fight against right-wing in the parliamentary elections.

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