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The EU has officially confirmed the refusal to give Ukraine the status of accession candidate

The European Union issued an official statement in which it confirmed that Ukraine will not receive the candidate status for membership.

In addition, the EU will give Ukraine the military guarantees or military aid. The Association Agreement does not provide the citizens of Ukraine the right of residence or work in the EU, nor does it give the right to the free movement of its citizens in the EU, reports TASS.

Additional financial assistance is also not supposed to.

Before it became known that the Netherlands reached an agreement with the leadership of the EU on association with Ukraine. Thus, EU leaders agreed to all the demands of The Hague.

Now, the agreement must be ratified by the Netherlands Parliament, only after it enters into force.

Advisory referendum on the ratification of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine was held in the Netherlands in April 6. In its course 61% of voters voted against the ratification of the document. Despite the results of the people's will, the Dutch government did not immediately make a decision and to refuse ratification. Instead, Rutte has set the task to discuss with European colleagues and try to make changes to the agreement.

Earlier Thursday the European Parliament once again postponed a decision on the issue bezvizu for Ukraine, this time for April 2017 years.

A source: LOOK

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