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EU officially lifted sanctions against Lukashenka

EU officially lifted sanctions against Lukashenka

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The European Union has officially secured the decision not to renew the sanctions against 170 three citizens and legal persons of Belarus, expiring 29 February, the EU Council statement.

"25 February, the Council decided not to renew the restrictive measures against 170 people and three companies against which sanctions have been suspended", - RIA "Novosti" message of the EU Council.

In addition, the EU officially renewed for a year of the arms embargo against Belarus and sanctions against four people.

"He (the Council) to extend the measures for another year, including an arms embargo against Belarus and the freezing of assets and a travel ban against four persons included in the list (sanctions) in connection with the unsolved disappearance of two opposition politicians, a businessman and a journalist "- said the EU Council.

The communiqué noted that the normative document will be published in the Official Journal of the EU in February 27 2016 years.

15 February, the European Union partially lifted sanctions against Belarus, which operated over 13 years, the corresponding decision was made by Foreign Minister 28 EU countries scheduled meeting of the European Council. In particular, the EU Council lifted visa bans and freeze the assets of President Alexander Lukashenko and 170 officials and excluded from the black list of three companies. At the same time the EU upheld the embargo on deliveries of weapons and special equipment to Belarus.

However, interviewed by the newspaper VIEW, experts believe that the real reason for withdrawal of the European sanctions against Belarus became the EU's attitude toward Moscow rather than to Minsk.

Following the removal of visa restrictions with 170 Belarusian officials, including President Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus, the EU has promised to simplify the visa regime.

At the end of August last year, the president of Belarus has pardoned a number of convicts opposition, which the West regarded as political prisoners. In particular, it was released ex-candidate for the presidency of Belarus Nikolai Statkevich. After this, Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus and the EU have started to understand each other.

In 2015 October, the EU suspended until the end of February 2016 year sanctions against Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and 170 citizens of the republic. At the same time, the European Union is completely excluded from the black list for Belarus four companies, in accordance with the decision of the European Court on the suit of the Belarusian billionaire Yuri Chizh.

EC alleges violations of human rights in Belarus, in 2012, the expanded introduced in December 2010, the sanctions against the country, in particular by restricting the entry of Belarusian officials to the territory of the European Union, and made it a condition of improving relations release of all "political prisoners". Minsk claimed that political prisoners in the country do not.

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