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11.08.2016 - 15: 08

The EU came up with a way to prohibit Ukrainian milk

The European Union is actually sentenced to slaughter another branch of the Ukrainian economy - milk. Suddenly it became clear that despite the political support and economic association, Ukrainian milk is forbidden for delivery to the EU market. And the reason for this seems to have indirectly become the Russian restrictions on farmers from Europe.

EU repealed purchase Ukrainian dairy products because of the high content of antibiotics, the general director of the Ukrainian association of suppliers of retail chains Alex Doroshenko.

According to him, the products are no Ukrainian producer does not meet European standards of quality, so it can not be sold on the European market. Even deliveries to Bulgaria in April this year were rejected by the importing country, reports TASS.

"Everyone knows that Ukraine is diluted with milk, but it's not the worst. It is much worse than what we are "stuffed" animals with antibiotics. And these antibiotics in milk ", - says Alexei Doroshenko.

However, he notes that all the milk check on the quality characteristics is impossible. The fact that there are few large dairy agrokombinats and dairies purchase mainly raw materials from small farmers and farms. In villages still go "milk collectors" who are buying for pennies on display in village courtyards cans of milk. "Each bucket or barrel of milk can not be checked, which is why even a small amount of poor-quality milk is able to spoil the big party", - says Dmitry Lukashov of IFC Markets. However, the existence of difficulties is not a reason not to improve the system of checks and quality standards. At the national level, almost no money on inspection of dairy products, says Loukashov.

Of course, it is not excluded that the European Union took the whole situation as an excuse to help its own producers of dairy products, which are on the verge of ruin. After the closure of the Russian market for European farmers fallen on hard times, and even on the world commodity market pushes the seasonal factor - prices are falling. For example, grain prices fell 5,6% for oilseeds - to 2,8%, milk - by 3,2%.

"The increase in supply and falling prices for products in terms of loss of the Russian commodity market may lead to a crisis of overproduction in Europe and put local farmers on the brink of bankruptcy. At the same preferential conditions for export of Ukrainian goods, initially cheaper, can only aggravate the situation. Ukraine previously send the lion's share of agricultural products in Russia, is now trying to move all the excess to Europe. However, it is unprofitable in the first place to the European Union ", - says CEO of the newspaper VIEW export company Transitplus International Dmitry Portnyagin.

Exactly such a situation is observed in the milk market. Europe has long faced the problem of overproduction of milk, which led to a record drop in its value to 27 cents per kilogram of raw indicates Portnyagin. Ukrainian milk price only falls off even more in Europe.

"Despite the fact that the European countries honor WTO rules, protectionism in this case is appropriate. And the introduction of restrictions on the supply of Ukrainian milk in connection with the detection of a high content of hormones may be only a very convenient excuse "- does not preclude Dmitry Portnyagin.

In any case, the fall in its exports Ukraine should not only blame Brussels (with the small quota) and Moscow (for breaking the free trade zone of the CIS countries), but also herself. Of course, the EU is slightly cunning, when he promised to open its market for Ukrainian goods. The quotas for duty-free supplies of Ukrainian products Brussels has allocated a small part of them was used in the first two months of the year, the other - the middle of the year. But it's not just quotas. On milk quotas is also available, but it does not matter when, no Ukrainian milkman is not licensed to export their products to the EU due to the European standards discrepancies.

Ukraine itself was just not ready for export to Europe. After Kiev was aware of the need to bring the goods into conformity with the European standards long before the creation of a free trade zone. Even in 2012-2013 years we calculated that it would take tens to hundreds of billions of hryvnia.

And the problem of low-quality milk in Ukraine - it is not the opening of 2016 years, knew about it all, and for a long time. Even in 2014, the Russian refused to Ukrainian molochki due to the presence in it of banned antibiotics - tetracyclines. "The question then was widely discussed in Ukraine at the highest level, but for some reason, no specific conclusions were made" - surprised Dmitry Lukashov of IFC Markets.

Everyone knows that there are high standards in the EU for imported goods - whether it's dairy products, meat, seafood, fish or grains. However, this does not interfere with either Russia or a host of other countries to supply their products to the EU. Russia, for example, is one of the largest suppliers of wheat, grain and oil pressing cultures in the Old World countries.

What prevented the Ukrainian plants prepare to enter a new market? "We can only guess on the basis of what considerations Ukrainian manufacturers who count on increasing exports to the EU are not oriented in the production to European quality standards. In fact, Ukraine is one of the largest agro-industrial producers, and there is not only the farm, but also a laboratory for testing the quality of export-oriented products. Yes, and EU standards are not closed, and with them, if desired, it is possible to read "- surprised Dmitry Portnyagin.

"Probably, the Ukrainian producers had hoped" at random "or friendly position of the European Union and continued to feed the cows with antibiotics. As we are now seeing, not "a ride" - does not preclude Loukashov.

However, the lack of investment also played a role. With the advent of poslemaydanovskoy government lending market imploded in Ukraine, foreign investors and gone. Where did the Ukrainian farmers or dairies find extra money, especially after they were deprived of a large market - Russia - before the EU opened its doors? Brussels is only since the beginning of this year, approved the delivery of Ukrainian jelly and only 10 for enterprises. Apparently, then antibiotics in milk Ukrainian European regulators did not find, but keep the quality standards of Ukrainian suppliers clearly failed.

Including why Ukraine is now trading under the free trade zone with the EU in a much smaller amounts than in the year 2013, to European integration and agreements.

At the same time in Ukraine, except the export of labor, was in fact an important export product - agricultural products. But only a third of Ukrainian agricultural exports account for a share of Europe, while Asian countries buy about 45% and even 15% - Africa, indicates Dmitry Lukashov. It turns out that Ukraine is not Russia traded on Europe, and in Asia and Africa. If not a third world country, the Ukrainian foreign trade would have collapsed completely.

According to the first half of the year 2016, Russia remains the main trading partner of Ukraine. Exports to the EU also fell more than 22% compared with the first half of the year 2013. Ukraine Agreement on association with the EU is nothing, in fact, has not given Ukrainian state.

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Samofalova

Tags: Ukraine, Milk, Agriculture, Economy, EU Research