Today: January 18 2019
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EU will force refugees to return to Greece

EU will force refugees to return to Greece

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European countries are ready to start returning refugees to Greece, since migrants seeking to reunite with their family members, mainly in Germany, are stepping up protests in Athens, writes The Guardian.

Human rights groups have already openly condemned the intentions of the EU countries to send back those who are seeking asylum, mainly for asylum seekers still in Greece. At the same time, the authorities of the EU countries want to do this, despite the fact that Greece has only recently been seriously affected by the economic crisis.

Germany filed about 400 requests for resettlement according to officials in Berlin and representatives of the leftist government of Athens. Britain, France, the Netherlands and Norway also wanted to return asylum seekers to Greece.

According to the Greek Minister for Migration, the first returns are expected in the very near future. "Paper work has begun, we expect that the return will begin within the next month," said Yannis Muzalas.

As the minister noted, the process will begin with a symbolic number as an act of friendship towards other EU countries. Greece has already taken many refugees under serious pressure, so taking more would be absurd.

Muzalas said he has no idea where all these people will be accommodated, but whatever happens, "the conditions will be good, they have improved significantly and will meet the EU criteria."

Officials say privately that the acceptance of migrants is not negotiable, given the membership of Greece in the EU and the receipt of funds from Brussels. The resettlement will not affect asylum seekers who arrived in the EU until March of this year.

It is worth noting that Greece has recently appeared between two fires. As Vesti.Economika wrote, as tension between Ankara and Berlin intensifies after Erdogan's angry response to Erdogan's call for German Turks to vote against Merkel, a huge number of refugees arrived on the Greek coast.

Over the past six days, more than 1,2 thousand refugees and migrants have arrived from Turkey to Greece. About 2,4 thousand people arrived in Greece with 1 on 20 August 2017. At the same time, half of them arrived only in recent days.

Local authorities can not understand whether there is an influx of refugees with good weather conditions, or there is a more general trend. They have already warned that the situation on the islands is gradually getting out of control.

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