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If the West presses on Russia, it will receive the next Premier Sergei Shoigu!

Igor Yurgens, the well-known Russian economist, president of the National Union of Liability Insurers (NSSO), at a lecture delivered at the German-Russian Forum 13 in October, said that if the West and, first of all, the US does not stop fueling Russophobia and putting pressure on Moscow , then in 2018 they will receive President Vladimir Putin along with Premier Sergei Shoigu.

"And it will be quite logical," the economist emphasized, "since Shoigu managed to make an efficient department out of the dilapidated Ministry of Defense in a short time, which transformed the Russian army into one of the most powerful in the world."

"If this pressure is lifted, then you will receive the premier Alexei Kudrin," he said to the representatives of the German business, who arrived at the forum with the chairman of the German-Russian Forum, the former chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany Matthias Platzek.

Yurgens does not doubt that Vladimir Putin will become president of Russia and believes that a real election campaign is already under way. But the West, according to him, makes a fatal mistake in his desire to achieve the removal of Putin from power. "All this makes no sense," the economist said, and only pushes Russia into the arms of China, which Americans must fear as a terrible dream. Clever and far-sighted Henry Kissinger warned the American elite about this and did a lot to disunite the USSR and China at that time. "

A source: Antifascists

Author: Innocent Vishnevsky

Tags: Russia, the West, Politics, Putin, Shoigu

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