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New US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman - Mormon media interests of the Rothschilds, Israel and McCain methods. The mission with which he comes to Moscow is likely to be aimed at undermining the Russian state from within.

9 March the majority of American and Russian media published somewhat sensational news. Donald Trump offered the post of US ambassador to Russia, a prominent figure in the Republican PartyJon Huntsman. Observers immediately rushed to publish biographical information about the candidate, relishing mainly his long experience in the civil service, the story of running for the presidency of the United States and passion for rock music and motorcycles. Cautious forecasts about changes in Russian-American relations in connection with this appointment have been given, from enthusiastic to reserved-skeptical. However, what to expect from the new US ambassador, what his goals and priorities will be, and what methods Huntsman will take - no one has asked these questions so far. But in vain. In order to clarify them and avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, it only takes a closer look at the activities of John Huntsman in the post-Soviet space and in the neighboring countries of Russia. And it, as it is now customary to say, is very ambiguous.

Ordinary Russian, the interested person Huntsman Russian-language Wikipedia will report very little information. But, characteristically, has long remained unchanged page about Huntsman, March 1 suddenly become exposed to a variety of editions. And this is understandable. Indeed, apart from the populist "radical" and political interests,Jon HuntsmanIt is first and foremost a conductor of two interests of his family.

First, Huntsman - son of billionaire ownerHuntsman Corporation, A manufacturer of polyurethane products and components for companies like BMW, General Electric, Chevron, Procter & Gamble and Unilever's, which has production facilities in 100 30 the world, including offices in Russia 6 and 15 thousand employees. Net profit of the corporation in the year exceeded $ 2014 12 billion.

But there is another factor in the biographyJon HuntsmanOf which most of the media mentioned in passing, but that is even more serious than the business interests of his family. Huntsman is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - the Mormons. And not just ordinary Mormon. John's mother, Karen - the daughter of the Apostle ChurchDavid B. HaightAnd John himself is a second cousin of former presidential candidateMit Romneyand great-great-grandson of the first missionary of the Church, one of the first leadersParley P. Pratt. And althoughJon Huntsmanpositioning itself as a certain Mormon-liberal, even libertine, but the Mormon Church is one of the most totalitarian and theocratic organizations in the world, and the activities of any member of the very rigidly subordinated to its interests, both economic (a Mormon church is 4-th largest corporation in USA) and more sacral.


It should be borne in mind that all the activities of Huntsman in any capacity in any country is subject to interest, especially Mormons, and only then the United States government, and by means of structures and Mormon opportunities in the country. As I wrote in the article"The war against Russia has moved to a new level"In Russia and post-Soviet countries, there are several basic methods of the Mormons:

- The creation of structures, rigidly controlled by the US government and the central leadership of the church
- Conducting intelligence, recruitment activity in respect of military installations and military personnel on the territory of Russia
- Work in archives and museums of Russia, microfilming personal data of deceased citizens databases in order to further provide this information to US intelligence services
- The construction of their religious and commercial buildings in the historic center with the obligatory domination of their places of worship of traditional religions
- Bribery and corruption, involvement in their ranks of business leaders, government officials, criminal leaders for its activities
- Gray financial schemes in economic activity and charges There tithes from church members
- Political activity consisting in the direct elections to the authorities, membership in opposition parties, the creation of "human rights" organizations financed from abroad, development and participation of different youth organizations, from religious to military and hunting

All of these methods have been used, both in Russia and in the post-Soviet states. The strength and capabilities of Mormon says one has long forgotten fact of modern history of Russia. June 27 1996 years who was then at the top of the power of the Russian Security Council Secretary, Assistant to the President for National Security GeneralAlexander Lebedat the press conference expressed support for the traditional Russian religions, saying that"Various sects, including Mormons, there is no place on Russian soil"And even called Mormons"Mold".Very soon, General strongly regretted those words. On it was put so much pressure from various sides that Lebed was forced for a long time, and humbly apologize.

The positions of the Mormon Church in Russia is so strong that, according toPublication of "Novaya Gazeta"In a conversation with the US AmbassadorWilliam BurnsSeptember 2006 yearsMetropolitan KirillNow Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia,"I suggested that there is no need to be concerned about the presence of the Mormon Church in Russia."The US ambassador started talking specifically about the Mormon position, however,Metropolitan KirillI assured him that in respect of a Mormon in the ROC have no complaints. And this despite the fact that officially the ROC sharply negative attitude to the Mormon Church, and even assigns it to the Christian denominations. The very same holds TSIHSPD sharply anti-Orthodox stance, an aggressive propaganda against the Russian Orthodox Church, although officially calls for peace and brotherhood.


But back to theJon Huntsman. His work on our open spaces began in the USSR in 1988, after the earthquake in Gyumri. In Armenia, there was a non-governmental organization the Mormon«International Relief and Development»(IRD), «International Aid and Development", which was to provide humanitarian assistance and at the same time to create different patterns. Help was so great (some say up to $ 20 million), which is currently in Gyumri has a school and a street named Huntsman, Huntsman became an honorary citizen of Gyumri and was awarded the OrderMesrop Mashtots. All this enabled him to actively do business in Armenia after Yerevan-based company "Huntsman Building Products" - daughter corporations "Polymer Materials" and "Huntsman International". In 1992 year with the approval of then-PresidentLevon Ter-Petrosyanand in gratitude for the assistance and humanitarian aid to the Republic of Armenia was officially registered by the Mormon church.

Residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions recall that in 2013, the Donbas and there was this American non-governmental organization the IRD, which was to provide humanitarian assistance to the hundreds of thousands of dollars, resulting in the Donetsk and Lugansk officially appeared Mormon congregations, the Mormons got unlimited access to archives, and during the war, local Mormons began spying for the APU.

The pearl businessJohn HantmanaArmenia was the panel plant, which it sold in the year for $ 2011 2 million, but the main thing at the moment, according to some, Mormons are in the territory of the Republic of Armenia 8 religious outreach centers, including 5 -. in the capital. IRD has created in Armenia daughter - NGO"World Vision / Armenia". According to the current times Ostap Bender tradition, the organization began to operate exclusively in the field of protection of children's rights. However, very soon it became interests expand rapidly. Here's how it is represented in the portalArmenia Business Directory. After running the program, you can assess how deeply in all public spheres of Armenia entered the Mormons. The website of the Armenian State University of Economics were even placedPosition WORLD VISION ARMENIAwith a detailed description of the requirements for candidates.

Mormons also was created "Union of Armenian genetics", which was to conduct a large-scale operation in the Armenian archives for filmoskopirovaniyu archive data not only to the citizens of the republic, but also the numerous Armenian Diaspora.

The main conductor of interestJon Huntsmanand Mormons in Armenia has become a long-term Minister of Foreign AffairsVartan Oskanian, Served 10 years, Deputy Minister for the Middle East, and 10 years directly by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Incidentally,Vartan OskanianBorn in Aleppo, Syria, namely the republics of the former USSR, the Mormons have chosen a springboard for expansion in the Middle East, where they have a very close ally - Israel. It Oskanian, the leader of "Prosperous Armenia" and the director of the fund "Civilitas", or in gratitude for the excellent 20-years of service, or for further activities after the business saleJon Huntsmanleft $ 1 135 000, which is to be expected Oskanian appropriated, not declared and not paying taxes. Scandal erupted, the Armenian National Security Service initiated a criminal case, but the investigation Oskanian interested in only one question - the conclusion of the blowJohn Huntsman.necessary leverage were included, and it's safely softened without consequences for the defendants.


Jon HuntsmanShe left Armenia, leaving behind an extensive network of non-governmental, public and religious organizations and foundations, clearly fulfilling their tasks. And its performance is not long in coming. It was in Gyumri, where Huntsman had the greatest impact and opportunity, there was a very strange event - the murder in January 12 2015, the Russian militaryValery Permyakovfive adult residents and two children in their own home.

In the case of Permyakov, there were so many inconsistencies against the background of his sharp politicization, that it requires a separate study. Sam Valery was called from the Trans-Baikal Territory and was the son of a pastor of the American Pentecostal sect "Faith, Hope, Love." Specialists are perplexed how with such a questionnaire, the conscript could get into the FSB troops. Murder occurred immediately after Armenia's accession to the EAP, local residents repeatedly saw Permyakov in civilian clothes entering various private homes. Permyakov himself does not remember anything, but according to the testimony of local residents that night he repeatedly came by taxi to the house where the massacre took place, without weapons, but with a bag, and as if he left a machine and army boots with his name on purpose. Psychiatrists even compared this murder with the massacre in Moscow, which, for unexplained reasons, was committed by the major of the police Evsyukov.

Less than an hour after the police arrived, when Gyumri have not yet heard the news about the incident, the newspaper The Washington Post has published an article in which he had been given all the details and the name of the murderer, and his nationality. Instantly connect and "Radio Liberty Armenia". Less than a day in Gyumri already raging mob of outraged locals, fueled by some non-governmental organizations of Yerevan with the requirements of the closure of the Russian military base.In an interview with the special correspondent of the newspaper "Culture"former head of the KGB's foreign intelligence Armenia, and now chairman of the Veterans Committee and the Armed Forces of the RepublicPetros Petrosyanclearly expressed the view that the bloody incident - a well-planned provocation, which aims to set up Armenia vs. Russia.


There were no Mormon organizations establishedJon HuntsmanAnd during the attempted coup in Armenia, the so-called "electric Maidan". The articleTony Cartalucci «Russia Shoots Down US Stealth Coup»in the journal "New Eastern Outlook" shows a list of Western organizations involved in the "electric Maidan" in Yerevan, including those associated with the IRD. In the scientific article the authors group"TECHNOLOGY OF MOVEMENT ELEKTRIKEREVAN - 2015: RESULTS ANALYSIS OF INTERNET CONTENT"based on in-depth analysis and quantitative representation of the "color revolutions" technology as a whole and separate blocks of methods in particular, we show that, along with other religious organizations, "elektromaydane" participated Yerevan genealogical center established at the initiative of the Armenian genealogical Utah Center (United States ) based TSIHSPD. One of the leaders of a failed color revolution was a leader of the youth movement "and Sksel" ( "Inception"), an analogue of the "Kmara", "Support" and "Zubr"Arsen KharatyanWho is the son of the Chief of Religious Affairs and National Minorities of Armenia Government StaffHranush Kharatyan. himselfHranush KharatyanIt is one of the main lobbyists for the interests of the American entrepreneurJon Huntsman

After the suppression of the coup government of Armenia was regarded Mormon as US agents of influence and the beginning of minimizing their presence in the country. Competition between non-governmental organizations and parties representing the various forces in the West, Armenia was so strong that one of the leaders of "elektromaydana" member of the board of the party "Civil Agreement"Nikol Pashinyananother leader called friend and colleagueJohn HantsmanaVardana Oskanian"Armenian Ribbentrop."


ArmeniaJon HuntsmanI not left on their own. In 2009, he was appointed US ambassador to China. After years of intensive work 2 2011 in the year in China as expected there was an attempt to "jasmine revolution". And in two cities - Beijing and Hong Kong. Beijing's "Jasmine Revolution" due to harsh actions of the Chinese authorities was a complete failure, accompanied by a scandal with US Ambassador Huntsman. As reported by Agence France-Presse AFP article"Ambassador" accidentally "turned out to demonstrate in Beijing"Were published photos and videos of John Huntsman near "McDonalds" restaurant in the main shopping district of Wangfujing. This restaurant is on the list of places for gathering 13 protesters posted on the site with calls to take place in China of its own "Jasmine Revolution." Huntsman was in the restaurant at the time of the action, and explained his presence there "family walk and a chance."

By the way, in the future, this publication has been deleted from the AFP website, like many others in Russia and Armenia. In the process of writing this article, I have repeatedly found the deleted materials about the Mormons in general and by Huntsman in particular on the links saved me a few years ago.

The scandal broke out loud. The Chinese authorities were furious, and Huntsman had to leave the post of US ambassador to China. However, his case was continued. After leaving Huntsman Chinese authorities descended on his subordinate US Consul General in Hong KongStephen Young. Young was charged with violation of diplomatic norms and ignoring "serious warning" of the need not to make any comments about democracy in the region.


But it's Huntsman and Yang did not die in 2014, the very ambitious "maidan" took place in Hong Kong. Chinese authorities initially did not respond, collected as much information about the methods of the meeting, participants, managers and customers, then rigidly dispersed. Hong Kong "maidan" took place precisely on the patterns of any other of the "orange revolution" in any country. Even the design of the information was absolutely identical. For example, here's a video of Hong Kong

This video is from the Kiev Maidan:

The methods are almost identical. At the expense of Ukrainian Maidan should be said that one of his most brilliant leaders was a citizen of the US MormonBasil LyubaretsWho spent rehearsing bloody coup in the summer of 2013 years, when he was the head of "vradievskogo processions."

himselfStephen YoungHe arrived in Hong Kong after work as US ambassador to Kyrgyzstan during the coup in 2005 year. We can say that President Akayev in Kyrgyzstan overthrown with the help of the "Orange Revolution"Stephen Young, Which further workedJon Huntsmanon the organization of the "jasmine revolution" in China.


And nowJon Huntsmanvery likely to become the US ambassador to Russia.Donald TrumpI found an almost perfect candidacy with 100% th guarantee its approval by Congress. Although Huntsman criticized Trump, passing even the bounds of decency, his candidacy will be approved as a group of Mormon Republicans and neocons. The fact that Huntsman is very difficult, not to say hostile relations with the political leader of the MormonsMiTOM Romney. At the same time he has a long-standing and very close relationship with SenatorJohn McCain. The relationship is so close that Huntsman has invested in the presidential campaign of McCain's $ 2008 500 000 year. On the post of ambassadorJon HuntsmanHe moves from the position of head of the research center of The Atlantic Council, dealing with foreign policy, where he marked an extremely tough and hard-hitting criticism of Putin's policies.

But above all,Jon Huntsmanbusinessman. howHe noted in an interview"Free Press" Doctor of Law, Major-General retired police, ex-head of the Russian Bureau of InterpolVladimir Ovchinsky, Mormons old and very close business relations with a group of Rothschild. Therefore, Russia should expect from the new US ambassador quite obvious mixture of political, economic, religious activities, which will be devoted to one goal in principle. Moreover, these actions and motives are so intertwined that it is impossible to predict the main beneficiary. Close ties as the Mormons, and the Rothschilds with Israel allow the assumption that this state will be one of the main instruments of pressure on Russia.

As I mentioned earlier in the article"The new US president - new threats to Russia", with comingDonald Trumpthreats will originate in the south - from Israel, Azerbaijan and aggravated the situation around Iran. As recentlyHe admitted in an interview Jacob Rothschild, Namely the Rothschilds created the State of Israel, Israel's interests - it is the interests of the Rothschilds, and vice versa. A Rothschild house itself has a long and seriousaimed at the Central Bank of Iranin order to obtain full control over them.

It must be said that, among other thingsJon Huntsmana member of the Bilderberg Club along with 76-yearNathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, Head of the London branch of the Rothschild bank was recentlyI asked Putinfor companyAnatoly Chubais"Rosnano". Of course, the initiators of this appeal does not count on its publicity. However it happened, and showed Rothschild interests in Russia. And these interests with the arrival of the new US ambassador to Moscow, Putin is obliged to take into account, as they will be a priority for Huntsman.


In the political baggageJon HuntsmanThere are not so many methods for the disintegration of host states. The same American methods showed the same methods in Russia. But Huntsman and Trump, as businessmen, will not make a calculation, and finance numerous Russian liberal parties and organizations, as well as their leaders. The current owners of the White House are smart, pragmatic and used to count money. Therefore, they can not fail to see the minimal support of the population of liberals with their failed slogans. Liberals will not be able to bring to the Russian streets a sufficient number of Protestants, even in alliance with other groups - nationalists, anarchists and relatives. The "patriotic" part of the opposition, such as the "25 Committee", has recently become so marginalized that it has even less supporters than the liberals. And they are in a state of "parallel reality" and constant abuse.

A businessman needs to bet on real strength for success. And there is such a power in Russia. New Navalnye and new Udaltsovs have already been prepared, a new ideology of protest is already emerging, new non-profit organizations are already being created, and attempts have already begun to structure the new organization. These are forces and people who have communist convictions, moderately criticizing the authorities, but for the time being they are fairly loyal and even with some support for President Putin. What are these forces and people - the topic of a separate study. I can only say that they should have quite popular Internet resources and blogs included in the top 50 by citing, publish mainly negative materials about Russia, including lawlessness of local authorities, corruption of officials, judges, investigators who constantly address these issues to the Prosecutor General's Office and administration of the President, extremely sharply referring to all people, the next imperial course of the revival of Russia, extremely negative attitude to Orthodoxy and constantly publishing materials against the ROC. And they negatively relate not just to religions, but to Orthodoxy, as well as to the whole of Russian history, rulers, Russian traditions and morals. And with the possible arrival of such people to power in Russia, we are faced with a severe dictatorship and censorship. In the information space, the idea is already thrown in that Russia expects either 1937 or 1917 year, perfectly realizing that 1937 is impossible in modern conditions.

Knowing the absolutely unacceptable attitude of Russians towards power in Ukraine and the "return" to it of the Crimea, these people should be for the Crimea, Donbass and even take part in the collection of humanitarian aid. With all this humanitarian issues, this assistance is limited by completely copying the methods of the International Relief and Development Organization (IRD) above. In addition, this position allows these people to position themselves as "patriots", which serves as a bait for many unsophisticated "associates". Supporting the former liberals, but not having got into their grant feeder, these people are now very much criticizing their former comrades-in-arms, they hate the former democratic administration for not choosing them. But with the advent of the new republican administration, these people do not publish any critical material, keeping almost complete silence.

They are waiting in the wings, and with the arrival of new ambassadorJon Huntsmanthis hour will come.


As for the constant activation of Mormon and the Mormon religion, business in Russia, I want to bring an old document dated even 2000 year:

Annex to the letter from the Russian Ministry of Education in July 12 2000, the N 549 / 28-16

... The analysis of the activities of foreign non-governmental and religious organizations in Russia shows that the number of foreign countries trying to use the educational channel for the creation of long-term among the younger generation of Russian citizens group of persons consistently oriented to Western values.

Representatives of such foreign sectarian communities as ... "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (Mormons), ... using religious cover, educational and cultural initiatives, form a ramified managed structures, through which they collect social, political, economic, military and other information about which is happening in Russia, stir up separatist sentiments. Foreigners seek every opportunity to strengthen their positions in the government bodies of Russia and the subjects of the Russian Federation. In a number of communities under their influence, religious fanaticism and extremism are inculcated, asociality is cultivated, constitutional responsibilities are denied, moral, mental and physical health of the members of these communities, especially children and youth, is damaged.

Missionary organizations purposefully working to solve the problems of creating in Russia the conditions and testing of the mechanism of practical realization of the idea of ​​replacing the "socio - psychological code" of the population, which will automatically lead to a "blurring" in memory of people across more than a thousand years of history of the Russian state, the revision of such concepts, as the identity of the nation, homeland, patriotism, cultural heritage. "

With the arrival of the new Ambassador of the United StatesJon Huntsmanin Russia in the public sphere is of such threats should be expected. How firmly and steadily Russia is ready to face this new-old threats, will show the near future. In any case, Russia and the Russians are coming, new, perhaps even more harsh and severe trials.

A source: Bell Russia

Author: Alexander Nikishin

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