Today: January 16 2019
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Evroizubushka turns to Russophobic back, and to Russia ahead

Evroizubushka turns to Russophobic back, and to Russia ahead

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Already at the G-20 summit in Hamburg it was noticeable that the attitude of Europeans has changed dramatically, both to Russia and to the United States. If Putin in Germany was the most important guest, then Trump was isolated.

Then at the Ukraine-EU summit, Europe openly sent Ukraine into the distance.

And the "Atlantic Council" went even further, urging the international community to take a tough stance towards the Kiev authorities. Experts of this structure have already issued a list of urgent recommendations on how to respond to Ukraine's ungrateful behavior. In this list there was even a suspension of the "main victory of the Maidan" - visa-free travel:

1. The IMF should not give a cent until the anti-corruption court. You can also consider the issue of penalties for non-compliance.

2. The European Union should not give a single euro cents until, Until an anti-corruption court is established.

3. The EU should establish a deadline for creating an anti-corruption court and punish Kiev by suspending the announced program of liberalization of the visa regime. "There are appropriate mechanisms for this," the European anti-corruption activist said. And this will be the biggest whip of all possible. No money and no visa».

4. The IMF and the European Union should stop allowing themselves to act and should act together.

5. US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker should demand the creation of an anticorruption court before providing American assistance, whether it be military aid or some other.

But the interview of German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel to the edition of Focus even more shed light on what is happening behind the scenes of big politics.

First, the Europeans, in 3 years after the Ukrainian coup, suddenly found that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU was signed without taking into account the interests of Russia. And before this interview, Angela Merkel already proposed to build the Ukraine-Russia-EU triangle in order to start creating a truly mutually beneficial free trade zone.

But when it came to the Ukrainian association with the EU, our country advocated the creation of a tripartite commission to find a compromise and take into account the interests of Russia. But then the Europeans said that the association of Ukraine with the EU does not concern us. That is then no one in Europe was going to take into account Russian interests, and suddenly they saw the light at a time when the US began to suffer defeat in the Middle East. And they do not lose to anyone, but Russia.

Secondly, Sigmar Gabriel said that Germany stands for the gradual lifting of sanctions from our country, even before the implementation of the Minsk agreements:

"In accordance with the current European decisions, the Minsk agreement must be implemented one hundred percent, before the sanctions can be canceled by one hundred percent. I think that this is unrealistic, "and that it would be right to lift sanctions in stages, in proportion to small shifts," to show that it is worth moving towards peace. "

Last 3 Europe clearly linked the lifting of sanctions with the implementation of the Minsk Agreements by Russia (although with what is our country here, we are not a party to the conflict), and suddenly a sharp turn at 180 degrees - they are ready to lift sanctions without waiting for the execution of Minsk!

Third, if the last 3 years, along with the rest of the West, pursued an isolationist policy in the relations of our president, now the German foreign minister suddenly appreciated the dialogue with Putin. This is what Sigmar Gabriel said about this:

"He (Putin) represents Russia's interests, he has his own view of the conflict. But with him you can resolve all the differences clearly and directly. That's why I appreciate the conversation with him. "

Here and so - isolated-isolated, and suddenly - BAC - began to appreciate!

However, not only Ukraine has changed the attitude of Europe, but also to the main Russophobe outpost of the States - Poland.

Before the G-20 summit, Trump visited Poland, and, in his speech in Warsaw, it became clear that the US expected to use Poland as a counterweight to Germany in the EU.

After the Warsaw summit, which was attended by the heads of state of the 12 countries of Central and Southern Europe (Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Austria) Poland was already predicted the possibility of creating " That is, a cordon from the Baltic to the Black Sea for the total isolation of Russia from the European Union.

With the help of a new political European union, Washington was going to change the first violin in the EU from Germany to Poland, which would again subordinate the hostage servants who had escaped the hands of European politicians.

But here something went wrong for the US and their Polish puppets. The European Union suddenly discovered that everything is wrong in Poland: the president, the government, and the reform of justice. And - oh, horror! - absolutely wrong democracy. Therefore, Poland must be punished with sanctions and deprive it of European subsidies.

Here such here nezhdanchik! With Europe, Europe will sanction sanctions, but will introduce them against Russophobic Poland.

But that's not all. EU politicians suddenly found that in the Baltic countries a policy is being implemented to revive fascism, and they should be punished for this.

In autumn the European Parliament will consider a resolution on imposing sanctions against Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia due to the growth of fascist sentiments in these republics. The initiator of the resolution is the faction "European United Left / Left-Green North" (GUE / NGL).

That is, 25 years Europeans have not seen that the countries of the Three Baltic region are reviving fascism and the Nazis regularly march through the streets of their capitals, and suddenly in a quarter of a century it was discovered.

Naturally, no one will believe that Europe suddenly opened its eyes for no reason, and after a few years (and about the Baltic States in a quarter of a century), she saw the obvious things. Therefore, we can conclude that the steep turn of the Europeans is not accidental, but the pattern caused by our victory over the Americans along the entire contact line. That in the Middle East - a victory in Syria and the acquisition of an ally in the face of Qatar. That in North Korea - the Americans did not dare to democratize the DPRK, which was under the protection of our fleet. That in Turkey - last year Putin saved Erdogan from Gaddafi's fate, and now Turkey (the 2-strong army of NATO) is our ally, not the US.

Well, Russophobes will now pay for their aggressive policies towards our country. They deserve it by right!

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