Today: December 15 2018
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The European Commission starts an investigation into IKEA

The European Commission starts an investigation into IKEA

Tags: Eurocommission, Taxes, Investigations, Europe, Economics

According to the Financial Times, referring to its own sources, today the European Commission can begin an official investigation against the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA. The subject of verification was the tax deductions IKEA Group in the Netherlands.

The investigation into the Swedish company is part of a full-scale campaign by the EU authorities against the evasion of international corporations from paying taxes. The reason for the verification was the report of the Green Party of the European Parliament, published at the beginning of 2016. According to his data, the Dutch government helped IKEA withdraw about € 1 billion from taxation in the period from 2009 to 2014 year.

"The European Commission has recently notified the Netherlands that it intends to begin a thorough investigation of possible state aid in evading the Inter IKEA Group from paying taxes," said the high-ranking Dutch EU official The Wall Street Journal. "The Netherlands will cooperate with Brussels in full, whether there was any state aid (from the Dutch authorities. "" Kommersant ")."

Kirill Sarhanyants
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