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The European Commission expressed its willingness to engage in dialogue with Russia on space

In the European Commission there is no dialogue on space with Russia, but the EC "is open to everyone who wants it," said the European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Elzbieta Bieńkowska.

"This is a global sphere", - said Bieńkowska in Colorado Springs, where the annual Space Symposium, reports RIA "Novosti".

Bieńkowska said that now Russia and the European Commission in the space sector is associated only informal contact.

In the 2020 year to Mars should start a joint Russian-European mission ExoMars, suggesting descent into the atmosphere of the landing platform and the rover.

Another Russian-European machine is planned to send to the satellite of Mars Phobos in 2024, the project "Boomerang" / "Expedition-M."

He should repeat ended in failure in 2011, the "Phobos-Grunt".

In addition, ESA ExoMars addition to the joint project intends to develop cooperation with Russia in the exploration and development of the Moon.

A source: LOOK

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