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Europe two freshness. Much food scandal in the EU

In the European Union are trying to put out a new scandal - around food.

East Europeans, let us recall, last week, suddenly found that the products sold under the Pan-European brands in their stores - corny poorer quality than the products of these Europeans.

Minister-President of HungaryViktor Orbansaid the double standards in the European markets.

He accused Western European concerns of food that they see Eastern Europe as a platform for food waste, and called for it to fight. And the head of SlovakiaRobert Ficooutraged by the fact that food manufacturers are turning to its inhabitants as a "second-class citizens." At the EU farmers' meeting on Monday, he called it a humiliation.

Polish PresidentBeata Szydlowresentfully he stated that "the European Union must have only one quality, namely, the highest."

Recall: a scandal, in fact, with Slovakia and started. Local activists have compared the products that they buy in supermarkets in the border areas of the country and across the border in Austria. It turned out that purchased on the Austrian side of the border foods have a different composition.

According to Welt, laboratory tests have been carried out numerous products not only in Slovakia but also in neighboring countries.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Slovakia established that the same sort of sausage in the Eastern European countries have less meat and more fluid than those sold in western EU countries.

Nutella for real Europeans contains less palm oil.

The tea bag, a smaller number of tea and tea leaves are smaller than those in the West.

In Czech fish sticks contain fewer fish, Pepsi syrup is added to the sweetness, while as the pure sugar is used in Germany.

Visegrad Countries Quartet developed a joint document, which was called the inequality in food standards "serious problem" of the European Union. The same situation in Bulgaria and Slovenia.

Quartet countries have now gone further and demanded that the EU internal market respected the same standards in other manufacturing sectors - automobiles, for example.

Yesterday, the EU heads of governments meeting in Brussels, Merkel had razrulivat, in addition to all others, even this problem. In the Communication from the Commission prepared in advance will be charged with "introduce mandatory compliance technologies, in which the same components with the same name are included in the food."

Well-known manufacturers, as we do not recognize these charges, explaining: in Eastern European countries and lower prices for products, so they have to be consumed in the production of cheap components of lower quality.

However, the researchers found a number of items that are almost the same in the West and the East of the EU, but the ingredients are still different.

PS On line:We, on the other hand, waiting for the moment when "the food scandal" will be accused Russian secret services or media. We think that their role is obvious. And the desire to divide the European family - simply do not need to be proved.

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Author: Natalia Yankov

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