Today: December 14 2018
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Europe: Christianophobia, recession and two kinds of vandalism

Europe: Christianophobia, recession and two kinds of vandalism

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According to a report published by the organization "Open Doors", today in Europe, thousands of Christians are persecuted because of their own faith. And the first reason for the Christian persecution is the spread of radical Islam. In recent years, hundreds of Christian buildings have been attacked, including churches, homes and shops. The West, intimidated by the non-existent crime of "Islamophobia," can not speak of this terrible Islamic Christianophobia.

If we talk about Syria or Iraq, then there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Christian worship sites that Islamic fundamentalists destroyed over the past two years. These images shocked public opinion along with decapitation during mass protests and fires for "infidels". Churches, cemeteries, archaeological sites, in many places, every building bearing the symbols of the Christian faith was destroyed to the ground.

But no less serious vandalism, apparently "peaceful" and painless, takes place in the heart of Europe and in the capitals of its Christianity, from Paris to London.

The German Cathedral of Lambertus was demolished to expand coal mining, despite the protests of the population. Since the XII century on this plot of land there was a church, and the current structure was built only a century ago. The demolition of the cathedral simply became the last stage of the complete destruction of the whole settlement. The same scenes can be seen in France, England, Belgium. Throughout the continent, cities are confronted with the problem of what to do with the growing number of empty churches.

Europeans lose themselves in some existentialism, in which culture has no value. Europe is collapsing under its own weight. There are many ways to kill something. One of them, perhaps the best, is to get the patient to believe that he was saved when the medicine was really poison.

Do we see the death of Western civilization, as Vegezio remarked during the demise of the Roman Empire? What form will she take? Everywhere in Europe, the great churches of Christianity, Catholics and Protestants are turned into luxury apartments to satisfy the appetites of businessmen, often Ameri- cans, looking for something "special."

"Sik-transit glory." This Latin expression perfectly reflects the mood of Europe: the glory disappears.

Eugene Radugin
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