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10.04.2017 - 16: 30

European politicians have supported the intake of Scotland in the EU

MEPs and national parliaments of EU countries believe that independence - the only way to Scotland to secure a European future in Brexit conditions.

A group of European politicians 50, which includes members of the European Parliament and national legislative bodies of the EU countries from different parties, wrote an open letter calling for the smooth and rapid acceptance into the European Union of Scotland in the event of separation from Britain, reports EurActiv. Among the signatories of the letter to deputies from countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia and Malta.

In a letter to MPs write that they respect the choice of the British, although regret it. At the same time, he stated: "We understand, however, that it was not your (shotlantsev) choice and that Scotland had voted solidly for to stay in the EU." They also added: "The question of the constitutional future of Scotland and your relationship with the United Kingdom and the European Union must decide the people of Scotland" - emphasize that they can not point the Scots which path to choose.

However, the initiator of the letter of the German MEP from the Green Party Rayntke Terry said: "Independence - the only way to ensure that Scotland's European future." He also pointed out: "The only thing that stands in the way Scotland create links with Europe - a government at Westminster. Our Parliament voted to give people the choice of their own future and no Tory government in Westminster has to stand in their way to it. "

It is also worth noting the astonishing fact that has supported this initiative, even Spain, normally staunchly sticking to rigid anti-separatist rhetoric. Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said that Madrid will not veto Scotland's membership in the EU, if it will apply as an independent state.

Recall that in late March, members of the Scottish Parliament supported the Scottish Government's initiative to hold a second referendum on independence from the UK. This happened after the beginning of March the British Prime Minister Tereza Mey officially launched the country's exit from the EU process.

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