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European employers have received the right to prohibit religious dress at work

The Court gave employers the right to prohibit the wearing of religious clothing during working hours. On Tuesday, March 14, Reuters reported.

In the staged court said that this permission is granted only if the organization has an internal rule, "which prohibits the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign." In any other case it will be considered as direct discrimination.

Cudebnoe proceedings began after the claims of two Muslim women in France and Belgium, which was fired for refusing to remove the hijab.

In the summer of 2016 years in some areas of France banned the wearing burkini, Muslim swimwear, completely covering the body. However, in the fall, 6 September President Francois Hollande declared this decision illegal, and therefore are allowed to carry again.

France became the first country, decides on the total prohibition of hijab (April 2011 years). Her suit in the same year, followed by Belgium and, in 2016, Bulgaria. there are restrictions only in certain regions of Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

A source: Slow

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