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European Court of Auditors was unable to determine what the EU Kiev spent finpomosch

European Court of Auditors was unable to determine what the EU Kiev spent finpomosch

Tags: EU, Ukraine, Credit, Economy, Audit

European Court of Auditors (ECA) was unable to determine how the Ukrainian government spent billions of euros provided by the European Union of this country, mainly for budgetary support, wrote in a Wednesday information portal EurActiv.

"We can control only that the transfer took place," - RIA "News" the statement of the auditor ECA Shabolsha Fazakasa, carry out checks for money from the EU bailout by the central authorities of Ukraine.

According to him, the EU primary purpose was "to save Ukraine" and rigorous verification procedure of budget expenditures became a secondary task.

In addition, the report of the European Court of Auditors said that the results of the assistance that the EU has with the Ukraine for the year 2007 2015 year in implementing reforms, "turned out to be fragile." They stated that "Ukraine is still perceived as the most corrupt country in Europe."

According to the ECA, the European Union during the period of 2007-2015 years Ukraine has been allocated a total of 5 billion euros. In addition, in March 2014, the European Commission announced an emergency aid package in 11,2 billion to support the reform process in Ukraine during the period of 2014-2020 years.

Recall also the eve of the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Onishchenko said that most of the funds that Kiev has received from the International Monetary Fund, was spent on the war.

Last week, Onishchenko said that Poroshenko gave bribes to members of the Verkhovna Rada of the necessary initiatives for the promotion of it. According to the MP, the money for bribes were taken including the IMF allocated loans.

16 September Ukraine entered the third tranche from the International Monetary Fund on 1 billion dollars. This step ensured the possibility of Ukraine loan guarantees from the US, as well as 600 million euro loan from the EU and other financial support.

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