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The European Union has decided to exclude Britain from space programs

The European Commission intends to cancel contracts with British companies to work on the project of the European Galileo satellite navigation system.

The European Commission (EC) is trying to eliminate the British companies of the last stages of the project of the EU satellite navigation system Galileo and the European Space Agency, reports The Telegraph.

EC wants to exercise the right to cancel existing contracts if the company supplying the goods or services are no longer based in an EU country. In addition, the European Commission requires that any company that has been excluded from the program, recover the costs of the search for a new supplier. Contracts can be canceled at any time after 2019 years, which is scheduled to the end of the UK yield of the process of "united Europe".

To maintain access to the project after Brexit, the British need to agree on the terms of new bilateral relations with the EU in the field of security.

UK Government officials called it a deliberate attack on the United Kingdom and attempts to dislodge him from the program. Representatives of the European Commission stated that these conditions are standard with 2003 years and were not prepared specifically for Brexit.

Recall that in early March, the British prime minister Tereza Mey officially launched the country's exit from the EU process.

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