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The EU will increase the share of renewable energy up to 27 2035% for the year

Countries - EU members agreed to increase the share of renewable energy sources (RES) to 27 2035% for the year. This was reported in the press release of Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Union).

According to the economic development strategy "Europe 2020", in 2020, the share of RES in the EU energy sector should increase to 20%. Each country has also set its own targets. 11 European countries: Sweden, Greece, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, Romania and Italy - have completed the tasks ahead. For example, Sweden, which had planned to increase the share of renewable energy up to 49%, received more than 50% of energy from renewable sources already 2012 year.

At the same time from the target behind the advanced economies - the UK and Germany - to 6,8 and 3,4 percentage points, respectively. At the end of the rankings, compiled by Eurostat, were the Netherlands and France. Countries need to increase the share of renewable energy in the 8,2 and 7,8 percentage points.

One of the main objectives of the strategy "Europe 2020" - to make Europe independent of energy imports. The EU also plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-30% compared to the level 1990 year and increase energy efficiency by 20%.

According to the Russian Energy Ministry, Russia is planning to 2020 year with the help of renewable energy receive 4,5% and put into operation a small hydroelectric power stations that run on wind, solar, tidal and biofuel, with total capacity of 25 GW. According to the statistics of the Russian JSC "System Operator of Unified Energy System", on July 1 2016, the total capacity of solar power in the country was 60,2 MW (0,02% of the total energy), wind - 10,90 MW. Biomass has been a source of 0,6% of energy produced and 0,3% small hydro.

A source: TASS

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