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The EU launched the first joint project with Iran in the nuclear field

The European Commission signed an agreement with Iran on joint work on nuclear safety project, whose total cost amounts to 2,5 million euros.

The European Commission on Tuesday, 18 April signed the first ever agreement with Iran on joint work in the field of nuclear safety. The project will be carried out technical and economic calculations for Nuclear Safety Center in Iran, which provided for the creation of a comprehensive Joint Action Plan. This project stands out 2,5 million euros.

In general, it is aimed at the expansion of the Iranian regulatory agency opportunities in the field of nuclear energy. The European Commission report also refers to the support of Iran in the development of the regulatory framework in this area, which will allow Tehran to join several international conventions on nuclear energy. In addition, the European authorities will help Iran to analyze the results of upcoming stress tests of nuclear power plant in Bushehr.

An agreement on the second joint project of stress tests at Bushehr will be signed in the coming weeks. The cost of this project will also make 2,5 million euros.

An agreement on Iran's nuclear program from the 2015, provides that in exchange for the lifting of Western sanctions Iran for a certain period will significantly limit its nuclear program. In particular, the number of centrifuges for uranium enrichment decided to reduce to 19 6 thousand to thousands. In addition, Tehran in the coming years 15 reduce the degree of enrichment of uranium to a safe level - 3,67 percent. Iran also agreed to provide the experts of the IAEA-controlled "managed access" to its nuclear facilities.

A source: DW

Author: Дарья Ерёмина

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