Today: December 14 2018
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Fact is fact: Ban Ki-moon will not give up the words of the Russian leadership of the protest in Ukraine

Fact is fact: Ban Ki-moon will not give up the words of the Russian leadership of the protest in Ukraine

Tags: UN, International Relations, Russia, Ukraine

UN chief spokesman Stephane Dyuzharrik said the secretary general of the world organization does not intend to give up their statements about Russia's leading role in the world, despite the dissatisfaction of the Ukrainian side.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon praised the role of Russia in resolving the conflicts in the world, and he is not going to give up their words even after Ukraine formally expressed its dissatisfaction with this statement. This was stated by the official representative of the head of the world organization Stefan Dyuzharrik.

"Often, when the Secretary-General makes a statement, people comment on or criticize them. I have urged all to read the full text of the speech, but do not intend to analyze or respond to the criticism that could follow, "- she quoted him as saying TASS.

The UN representative also stressed that the statement of Ban Ki-moon - a fact that does not make sense to challenge. This Dyuzharrik advised the representatives of Ukraine once again to pay attention to all the details.

"The fact is that the Russian Federation, as the Secretary General said, is a permanent member of the Security Council, and it plays a decisive role in this work, in response to other serious international problems. I want to say that we are not going to deviate from what is said. And once again urged to read the full text of the statement, "- he added.

Earlier, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the world organization Vladimir Yelchenko said that Kiev has sent a note of protest to the United Nations in connection with the statements of Ban Ki-moon at the opening of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. On it the UN secretary general said that "the Russian Federation, one of the founders of the UN and a permanent member of the Security Council, owns a very important role," adding that "counting on the Russian leadership."

Interestingly, the prevalence of previously press-service of harvested earlier text of the speech was a slightly different wording. "Russia, as a permanent UN Security Council member, has a vital role in this work, as well as in responding to international issues, from the settlement of conflicts in Ukraine and Syria to ensure respect for human rights and control the spread of weapons of mass destruction", - stated in the text.

These words aroused the indignation of the Ukrainian side. "I'm absolutely shocked at such remarks," - said Elchenko. He also added that "do not understand how the UN can welcome the role of Russia", because, according to Kiev, "Russia bears the main responsibility for the aggression against Ukraine and continues to fuel the conflict."

Recall, the official face of the Russian Federation has repeatedly denied these statements by the representatives of Kiev.

Russia Today
Russia Today
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