Today: February 19 2019
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Cyprus farmers meet another drought

Cyprus farmers meet another drought

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For Cyprus came the third dry summer. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the fullness of the reservoirs of the island is at the lowest level since 2008.

Minister Costas Cadiz reminded that then, ten years ago, Cyprus was forced to seek help from other states that supplied drinking water to the island's population. Already, the demand for water significantly exceeds supply, and the ministry does not exclude that the situation of 2008 will repeat itself.

The key problem, according to Cadiz, is connected with farming. The volume of irrigation has already been reduced this year. At the moment, water is sufficient to support farms and fields, but priority is given to greenhouse crops.

Cadiz said the ministry had already sent a request to the European Commission for support.

He also recalled that work on the construction of the desalination plant in Paphos continues, and said that officials began negotiations with contractors of similar projects in Bishop and Vasiliko on the topic of increasing capacity.

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