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Forbes said, what are waiting for Russia victory in 2017 year

Winning Donald Trump in the elections in the United States, as well as major energy deals with Japan and Qatar indicate that Moscow will play a leading role in the diplomatic and business areas in the year 2017, of Forbes writes.

Two days of Putin's visit to Japan, which was held on December 15-16 can serve as a stimulus for all those who want to do business with Russia next year, according to the author of the article. He noted that during the summit of the two states 60 economic agreements were signed.

"In the future, billions of dollars will move between Japan and Russia, and will be spent on offshore production, the construction of another plant to produce liquefied natural gas and gas pipeline on Sakhalin to Hokkaido", - stated in the material.

According to Forbes, Abe's decision to invite Putin to visit testifies to the desperate desire to strengthen relations with Russia.

Another factor that is likely to play into the hands of Moscow, was the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election and the nomination of the former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to the post of secretary of state, the article says.

The Russian side also turns to Qatar, which can lead to strengthening the role of Moscow, according to the author of the material. In December, Qatar Investment Fund together with the company of Glencore, a trader of commodities, have signed a deal to acquire 19,5% of the company "Rosneft".

Election Trump, as well as multi-billion dollar energy deals with Qatar and Japan signaled that Russia will face new political and economic perspective. In 2017 year, Moscow will be able to play the game from a position of immense power, the author sums up the material.

A source: RIA News

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