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03.08.2016 - 11: 07

Foreign Policy: The most important enemy of Ukraine can be its own leaders

Leaders of Ukraine believe that their country is too important for the West in the confrontation with Russia and that it will support Kiev, no matter what happens. However, according to the US edition of Foreign Policy, Kiev may be deprived of the help of Western countries, if not begin to seriously fight corruption.

"Perhaps, Russia is not the most serious enemy, with which Ukraine has faced. Taking into account the corruption that has affected business and government at all levels, the most important enemy of the country may be its own leaders, "- said in a Foreign Policy article, a translation of which results in InoTV.

The only way to defeat the entrenched kleptocracy in Ukraine, which prevents the normal development of the economy - the change of legal norms, because lawlessness can be defeated only by setting the rule of law. It is this and demanded the protesters who took to the streets of Kiev in the year 2013. However, the new government in Kiev remained deaf to their demands. Similarly, it has ignored the request and Western friends. US Vice President Joe Biden for a year begged the Ukrainian authorities to send to jail at least one corrupt oligarchs, but success is not achieved, according to Foreign Policy.

"Inattention to Kiev fears of the international community - mostly sympathetic to Ukraine - it is a very disturbing development that could cost foreign support Ukraine at a time when it is most needed," - the newspaper writes.

According to US magazine, Ukrainian leaders are committing a grave error in considering that the West considers Ukraine as a mediator in the confrontation with Russia, and will therefore support it, no matter what happens.

"They believe that Ukraine is too important and the United States with the European Union will not allow it to crash. I think they are much deceived. In my opinion, Ukraine has this year to show results. The United States and other friends of Ukraine are losing patience, "- said one of the former Ukrainian ministers.

The same impression and the former US Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer. He noted that the Ukrainian elite "over-inflated sense of Ukraine's geopolitical importance." He stated that this opinion is erroneous and the West will not tolerate any tricks of the Ukrainian authorities is only out of fear that otherwise Kiev unfold in Russia.

To demonstrate to the West their serious attitude to the reforms, Kiev must fight corruption, stresses Foreign Policy.

Nevertheless, the situation is only getting worse. Even party members Petro Poroshenko claimed that the current Ukrainian president created a "clan" of his fellow oligarchs, and noted that most of the money provided by the Navy and the Western countries, plundered.

However, there are those who defend the slowness of the Ukrainian authorities in matters of reform, justifying its serious consequences for businesses and the public. The publication recognizes that the reform is carried out carefully, but still they have to be carried out. Soldiers fighting in the east of Ukraine, will not tolerate corruption forever, and, returning from the front, might try to overthrow the regime by launching a new wave of mass protests or organizing a coup d'état, the magazine notes.

"Needless to say, this can lead to catastrophic consequences", - the newspaper writes.

According to Foreign Policy, if the government and the president of Ukraine will not be able to clearly demonstrate the reforms in practice - including imprisonment outright criminals - they will be guilty of that "lost a valuable opportunity to build a decent, democratic and prosperous for the country future".

"If they believe that such a betrayal would have no consequences, they are deceiving themselves very seriously. And next time, when they turn to the West for help, you will be able to find what they really were alone, "- adds the American magazine.

A source: RT

Author: RT

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