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Forum in Athens: Europe must celebrate the Victory Day together with Russia

The Red Army saved Europe from fascism, and Europe needs to remember and celebrate the Victory Day together with Russia, as well as Russia, participants of the forum "Yalta-Potsdam system of international relations 1945-2017".

The forum was organized by the Greek-Russian club "Dialogue" on the occasion of 72-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Club for the third year organizes scientific forums of the Victory Day. The conference was attended MGIMO Professor, University of Athens, Greece, Military Academy of the Ground Forces, academics and diplomats.

Yalta system

The head of the club "Dialogue" publisher "Athenian courier" Fedor Ignatiadis noted that this year's celebration in Athens in May 9 was massive.

"The Greeks and Russian played together, showing that winning is unquenchable flame in the hearts" - Ignatiadis said.

Minister-Counselor of the Russian Embassy in Greece Oleg Bredihin said that the celebration of Victory Day in Greece this year passed an unprecedentedly wide.

"In Greece the past eight shares" Immortal Regiment "The mass was in Athens with the participation of about three thousand people in the united ranks have been Russian and Greeks, descendants of those who defended the humanity and brought victory and freedom in the early years, all over the world.." - Bredikhin said.

He thanked the club "Dialogue" for the organization of commemorative events.

The Russian diplomat said that history shows the self-defeating attempts to isolate Russia, to push it to the world or European arena, and there were a lot of attempts.

"Ignoring the warnings of the Soviet Union in 30-ies led to the collapse of the collective security system and the bloody World War II after her, with the active participation of the Soviet Union laid the foundations of the world order -. Yalta-Potsdam system, which is still relevant today", - said Bredikhin.

According to him, today's attempts to isolate Russia threaten the security and stability of the entire global system. "Russia is open to cooperation with partners on an equal basis with mutual respect of interests," - the diplomat said.

Bredikhin said that today, attempts to cast doubt on the lessons of the Second World War.

"We urge everyone to be vigilant and resist this policy. We are grateful to the Greek people, the Greek government for the respectful and careful attitude to the monuments and graves of Soviet soldiers. While in other European Union countries decoupled state vandalism against the monuments of the Soviet era, there is a history are carefully ", - he said.

Bredikhin recalled that, based on the population of Greece suffered huge losses in the war.

Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Greece Alexey Volkov said that the contribution to the victory was made all the nations of the former Soviet Union. In the war of Kazakhstan lost 20% of its population, one million Kazakhs went to the front half of them did not return. According to him, thanks to the victory of all nations today have the opportunity to live and face the future.

"Yalta-Potsdam system made it possible to prevent new wars in Europe over the years, decades. Yalta and Potsdam are still vivid examples of compromise between countries. They laid the foundation for development of the system in which we still live today. Modern international law largely formed in the system of international treaties signed by the end of the second world war ", - he said.

According to him, Kazakhstan in the framework of a non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council put forward the initiative to develop a global strategic initiative-2045. "In fact it is a plan to address the underlying, root causes of war and conflict on the basis of equal and fair access of all nations to the infrastructure, resources, markets, and we hope that it will be heard and will resonate with the international community", - said Volkov.

Historian Janis Tiktopulos in his speech said that, in his opinion, Yalta - the most important peace congress in human history.

"Yalta - this plan is not just a section of the world, but also the guidance of some of the equilibrium structures, so that the world hold at Yalta terrible blow in 1991, when the joint efforts from inside and outside blew the Soviet Union was struck, but nevertheless Yalta there. and the world continue to be guided "- the historian said.

According to him, Yalta and Russian nuclear parity with the West, which is stored, to prevent a new war.

"After Yalta, Russia took a solid second place in the world after the war," - said Tiktopulos.

Role in history

Professor of Greek Military Academy of the Land Forces Konstantinos Grivas said that for many years the world's attempts to revise the results of World War II, belittling the role of the Red Army and the exaggeration of the US role in all western movies diminish the role of the Eastern Front, and the Americans and the British appear the saviors of Europe.

"If you call a spade a spade, the Red Army made the greatest contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany, was the main force that liberated Europe And let's tell the truth -. It saved Europe since Hitler was not going to simply enslave the peoples of Central European countries, he gathers them destroy, except handicapped people, and populate their land Aryans So the Red army Victory Day should be celebrated not only in Russia, but all over Europe ", -. Grivas said.

In his view, this did not happen because the West immediately after the defeat of Nazi Germany began to create an image of Russia as an aggressive country, unleashing a cold war. Myth of Russia's aggressive support and now, he said.

According to him, fought against Russia in the past, including the Nazis, are seen as the defenders of the Russian invasion of the Nazis and now may enter the European political arena.

"If someone thinks this is an exaggeration, let's see what happens today with the Ukraine, where the political heirs of the Waffen-SS appear as Europeans, as representatives of the freedom-loving democracies", - said Grivas.

"What kind of Europe do we want in the future, we want great Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals with a common cultural and historical identity, or small experimental Europe, in the heart of the identity of which is the fear of Russia?" - the professor said.

He called to recognize the historical realities and the leading role of the Red Army in the liberation of Europe from Nazism and celebrate Victory Day as it should be - as a triumph over barbarism, and the day of victory of a common future.

Head of the department of history of international relations and foreign policy of Russia MGIMO Boris Martynov in his speech talked about the influence of the Caribbean crisis, the situation in the world and the fate of the Soviet Union. According to the historian, major mistake Khrushchev was excluded from the negotiations with the United States of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and it affected the future of Cuba policy, which was to hold its own.

Russian Head of the Department of International Relations MGIMO Alexander Borisov believes that the Yalta system proved to be very tenacious.

"At Yalta was first established system of global governance, and successful previous system of global governance -. The League of Nations proved its futility, and the Yalta system still exists, and the veto power runs Then Stalin defended the right of veto." - Borisov said.

He also drew attention to the need for a balance of power.

"The Cold War - it was the epoch, an example of a brilliant balance of power, the balance of which Churchill called balance of terror Yes -.. The fear of unleashing a thermonuclear war, but in the history as soon as punctuated equilibrium, then the scene of bloody wars and shook all the world order bases , "- said the professor.

Former Ambassador of Cyprus in Paris Perikl Nearhu said that Europe could not play any role without the geopolitical strategic relationship with Russia.

"Russia is an essential partner in this game," - he said.

Nearchus reminded of the lessons of the war.

"The fact that after such a tragic World War I we for the life of only one generation came to an even worse and more destructive World War II shows that we need to remember how easy it is to slip into a catastrophe", - the diplomat said.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, World War II, the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union, Victory Day, May 9, Kazakhstan, Russia, the West, history

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