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04.05.2017 - 11: 25

"France will be managed by a woman - if not me, then Merkel"

France need a dialogue with Russia, and the United States, the country should become independent from the United States and Germany - this was one of the theses Marin Le Pen during the most important and highly aggressive debate with Emmanuel Macron. Although Le Pen ahead Makron in social networks, but lost him in the polls. That on the eve of the second round of elections, "the candidate of the people" can oppose the "candidate of the wild globalization"?

3 May 21.00, Paris time, on-site television TF1 and France 2 start a debate of candidates for the French presidency, into the second round - Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Makron (in the first round, held 23 April Emmanuel Macron received 24,01%, Marine Le Pen - 21,30%). Debate lasted more than two and a half hours. Candidates submitted their restructuring plans in France (the economy, social policy), described his vision of France's foreign policy (the fight against terrorism, relations with the EU, Russia and the United States).

The tone of the debate was extremely aggressive. Le Pen has regularly accused Makron that he not only successor and heir to the left-liberal policies of the socialist government, but also the actor of this destructive policy of France (with 2014-2016 years. Macron served as Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs of France). It seems that the main purpose of Le Pen in these debates was to show the "true face" Makron, expose him as a protege of globalist elites and an enemy of the French people, culture, civilization. Le Pen himself is contrasted this "system". It regularly reminds the viewer that is a candidate of the people, the candidate of the real France, the candidate opposing the "unipolar" modern ideology.

Macron - head movement En Marche ( "Forward!") - throughout the debate to refute its succession of left-liberal government of Hollande and stressed that a "new" policy to a "new program" (he calls himself "neither left nor right", but mainly his program is a blend of the economy right to the left in politics). The main objective of the Makron, according to him, "unity" and "reconciliation" divided France. He's quite deftly parried accusations Le Pen, it seemed that each of them had been previously procured answers. The leitmotif of its retaliatory attacks were accusations Le Pen of nationalism, protectionism and isolationism. "You want to get out of the stories," - accused Macron Le Pen. Macron has repeatedly characterized the Le Pen as a "right-wing policy", whose party is a "party of hate."

Leading role, moderators talk in this debate has been reduced to a minimum: they simply could not be heard over the dispute between the two candidates. And Le Pen and Macron constantly interrupting each other, the conversation flowed into personal accusations, candidates respond to an opponent briskly, without hiding dislike: Le Pen during performances Makron not to laugh and smirk, Macron was visibly restless, extremely agitated and raised several times vote. Candidates were "on the brink", it seemed that in another minute and come to blows. It was a real clash of two completely opposite and different France. Nobody expected such aggression in the tones from both Le Pen and by Makron. In this debate, there was something desperate: Le Pen has tried to unmask Makron, expose its true face, as he tried to stay in his created image of the liberal media sphere "new" candidate who will supposedly unite people.

"Candidate globalization" against "the candidate of the people"

The debate began with the fact that presidential candidates were given the opportunity to briefly describe your project and its political objectives. Le Pen from the beginning built on the denial of his speech Makron project, "Mr. Macron - Candidate wild globalization, the war of all against all. All this is controlled by Mr. Hollande ... I, on the contrary, is a candidate of the people, the candidate of the French, which we love. The French have been able to see the true nature of Mr. Makron, his kindness was replaced by backbiting, smile - grin, Socialist Party machine took matters into their own hands. (...) surfaced banker cold that you (Macron - approx. Ed.) have never hidden. "

Makron Le Pen described as a puppet of globalization and "pet system and the elites." The project is Le Pen has an alternative project to protect the culture, civilization, nation and national borders from external threats.

Macron in the foreword Le Pen reacted sharply and said that Marine Le Pen - "the true heir to the French right-wing" and the family Le Pen, the bearer of the "spirit of destruction": the negative attitude of Le Pen to globalization and euroscepticism is nothing but, in his opinion, both defeatism and fear of the "new". The very same chapter "Forward" movement believes that is a candidate of "change" (by the way, remember the campaign slogan Hollande in 2012, the Le changement, c'est maitenant -? «Changes Now").

Economic policy: the left-hand program Le Pen against capitalism Makron

After a brief self candidates moderators interview asked how they plan to fight unemployment (currently in France about 10% of citizens - the unemployed, Fransua Olland, who came to power with slogans about the need to fight unemployment, as a result of the situation only worsened) . Macron said that France - the only country in Europe which can not reduce unemployment: "We need to give our small and medium-sized enterprises to create jobs, to be more flexible to adapt to economic cycles."

Le Pen has noticed that it Macron guilty of that level of unemployment in the country rose (he 2014-2016 years. Served as Minister of Economy, during this period, unemployment is growing rapidly, and in 2016, he supports the law of El Homri, reform labor law, according to which the simplified procedure for the dismissal of employees and an increase in working hours):

"Why do not you give Hollande one of your recipes (. To combat unemployment - Take a look)," Marine Le Pen said that political philosophy Makron is cost around subordination French EU requirements and standards, which are destroying the economy of France: "Farmers have not seen that you supported them, representatives of the industry as well, except that you have sold them to foreign owners. You do not have the national spirit, you do not think about the interests of the nation. You protect private interests. "

Next Le Pen remembered Macron the sale of a major French engineering company Alstom Americans, as well as the sale of the corporation SFR «friend» Makron French billionaire Partick Drai (in fact, the sale was still when Macron was not the minister of economy, however, according to some reports, he lobbied the deal through his political connections).

Macron quickly turned the subject and accused Le Pen in the absence of a positive program.

Program Le Pen, that is interesting, to date in the economic block is based on the left-hand values: lower retirement age (with 62 to 60 years), the nationalization of the (in varying degrees) of the economy, the decline in electricity and gas prices to 5%, it advocates the facilitation of small business lending by reducing the interest on loans.

Makron economic program, in turn, is a liberal (one of the main points of his program - reduction of income tax with 33,3% to 25%). Le Pen described Makron as a candidate who sees the world as if it all buy and sell everything "in your community - all for sale and purchase. (...) You do not see human relations. " Macron said that the economic project unrealizable Le Pen and her idea to reduce the retirement age can be brought to life only by raising taxes.

In this part of the debate formally Macron looked pretty convincing due to the use of many economic terms (played by the experience of being on the post of the Minister of Economy of France), Le Pen has thus been able to accurately identify weaknesses Makron place and punctures as a minister.

Fight against terrorism 

Not spared the candidates and the fight against terrorism. Le Pen recalled that its main program to combat terrorism is to restore national borders, expulsion defendants lists special services les fichés S (a list of persons suspected of having links to Islamic radicals, "potential terrorists", people representing somehow a threat to national security ), closing the Salafi mosques.

Le Pen said that Makron no program to combat terrorism, and he was linked with Islamic radicals (for example, the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) called on French Muslims vote for Makron - an alliance includes more than 250 Muslim associations, some of whom are radical Islamist groups). Macron relationship with this organization denied. He further stated that the border closure is not necessary and that security in France need a tighter cooperation with the EU. It is in collaboration with the European Union can put an end to terrorism in France and in Europe.

Macron also proposed the creation of a special anti-terrorist unit at the president, who would coordinate intelligence. Interestingly, this formation has existed since 2008 years (it defines the strategic directions and priorities and linked to the National Intelligence Council (Le conseil national du renseignement (CNR). 

Relationship between France and the EU, "Frekzit" or strengthening of European integration?

Were diametrically opposed and evaluation of candidates in France's membership in the EU. Marine Le Pen of France noted the need to exit out of the EU dictatorship and the restoration of sovereignty. In the spirit of classical realism in international relations, Le Pen was in favor of a policy of economic patriotism (intelligent protectionism) and exit from the euro zone. Euro, according to Le Pen, is a "currency is not the people but the bankers." She said that if he wins May 7 in September, it will hold a referendum to withdraw France from the EU. At the same time, Le Pen expressed the need to create an alternative Europe "nations of Europe."

Head of the movement with the program En Marche Le Pen disagreed and called it Project dangerous protectionism, isolationism and nationalism. A supporter of European integration, said that "France is not a closed country, it is the world and Europe." In his opinion, it is necessary to maintain the EU and to strengthen the euro.

Le Pen cleverly noticed that after May 7 "France in any case (regardless of the outcome of presidential elections in France - ed..) Will be managed by a woman. If it is I will not, it will be Merkel. "

Russia and the United States: the logic of the foreign policy of Le Pen and Makron

Macron said that he - a supporter of a "strong France", whose priority - the fight against Islamist terrorism. For success in this struggle is necessary to strengthen cooperation with the United States. With Russia also need to engage in dialogue, as Russia is involved somehow in the fight against terrorism, but Macron said that "will not submit to the dictates of Putin." With Russia, at his request, France has different values.

Le Pen has said that it is necessary to maintain a dialogue with the main players in a multipolar world - and Russia, and the United States, while France should become independent, get out from under the diktat of Germany and the United States.

"France capital" against the People of France

At the end of the debate the candidates were allocated a few minutes for closing remarks.

"France, which you defend - is not France. This indoor market. It is a war of all against all. Your vision of France at odds with mine. <...> I believe that France - a country with a culture, hope, people. France plunged into the chaos of your political friends, the ones who support you in this campaign, "- said Le Pen.

Macron said Le Pen, accusing it of fraud and deception, "France, I want to not be divided. I will carry out a policy of reconciliation, in order to win the fight against terrorism, unemployment and illiteracy. "

Through 30 minutes after the end of the debate, channel BFMTV submitted data centerElabe: 63% of spectators (were interviewed 1314 viewers) felt that Macron has been more persuasive than Le Pen. Is it so? Hard to tell. globalist project Makron and populist project Le Pen: the debate on two diametrically opposed the project were presented. It's really two different France, two different countries.

At the same time, Twitter statistics, the name of Le Pen in the debate mentioned network users to 10% more often than Makron.

In the 2016 October, the US almost all the polls showed that Clinton was more convincing than Trump, Clinton won them. And we know how that turned out. Let's wait for the results of the second round of the presidential elections in France ... They will be announced on May 7, 21 hours after Moscow.

A source: LOOK

Author: Daria Platonova

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