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17.03.2017 - 17: 57

France: Another awful presidential campaign; "Deep state" comes to the surface

As if the presidential elections in the United States were not terrible, then here's one more: in France.

The system in France is very different, there are many candidates in two rounds, most of them very clearly and competently express their thoughts, often even discussing the real issues. Free TV time reduces the influence of big money. The first round of 23 April will choose two finalists for the second round of voting in May 7 that provides a much larger selection than in the United States.

But monkey see - monkey do, and the leading political class wants to imitate the orders of the empire, even repeating the theme that dominated the election show 2016 years across the Atlantic: malicious mischief of our beautiful Russian democracy.

Copying the American system began with the "primaries" held by the two main ruling parties, which are obviously eager to gain a foothold as the equivalent of the Democrats and Republicans in the two-party system. The right party of former President Nicolas Sarkozy have renamed themselves Les Républicains, and the leaders of the so-called Socialist Party are just waiting for an opportunity to be called Les Démocrates. But in this situation, none of them will probably not win this time.

Given the almost universal dissatisfaction with the outgoing government of Socialist Party President Francois Hollande, "Republicans" have long believed natural favorites for victory over Marine Le Pen, which, according to all the polls, is a leader in the first round. With such promising prospects primaries "Republicans" have attracted twice as many voluntary voting (they have to pay a small fee and the commitment of the "values" party to vote) than the Socialists. Sarkozy was excluded from the race, but what is more surprising, was also expelled and who had the greatest chance of success candidate, reliable party establishment team, Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppe, who was a leading candidate in the polls and the media for editorial articles.

Family values ​​Fillon 

Becoming an amazing manifestation of the widespread frustration policy public, the voters, "Republicans" have provided unconditional victory to former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, a practicing Catholic with ultra-neo-liberal domestic policy: lower taxes for corporations, significant reductions in social security, even health insurance benefits - speeding up the that previous governments have done, but more openly. What is less usual, it is the fact that Fillon strongly condemns the current anti-Russian policy. Fillon also goes against the unbending policy of the socialist government overthrow Assad, demonstrating solidarity with the Christians were persecuted in Syria and their protector, which is the government of al-Assad.

At Fillon respectable appearance, as the French say - the kind of person who could receive communion without confessing. The theme campaign, he strongly emphasized his beneficent ability to resist corruption.

But here's a shame! January 25 polusatiricheskaya weekly newspaper "Le Canard Enchainé" fired the first shot in the ongoing media campaign aimed at destroying the image of the Lord of Neat, saying that his British wife Penelope received a generous salary for the work of his assistant. Since Penelope was known as a housewife, bringing up their four children in the village, the existence of this work is in serious doubt. Fillon also paid his son a lawyer fee for an unspecified job, and his daughter for allegedly helping him while writing the book. To a certain extent these accusations prove the strength of family values ​​conservative candidate. But his approval rating dropped, and he faces possible criminal charges of fraud.

The scandal is real, but the timing is suspicious. This fact for many years, and the time of the disclosure is well designed to ensure that the loss Fillon. Moreover, on the same day revelations in "Canard" prosecutors hastily launched an investigation. Compared with all the unresolved dirty business and unresolved bloody crimes committed by those who control the French state, for many years, especially during their foreign wars, the enrichment of his family may seem relatively insignificant fact. But the public sees it differently.

Who benefits?

Many believe that despite the constant leading position of the candidate of "National Front" Marine Le Pen in the polls who would not have taken the second place, he will win in the second round, because a permanent political class and the media will rally around the cry of "save the Republic!". Fear of the "National Front" as a "threat to the Republic" has become something of a racket under the pretext of protection for traditional parties, as it denounces as inadmissible most of the opposition against them. In the past, the two major parties quietly helped strengthen the "National Front" in order to pick up votes from his rival.

Thus, the removal Fillon increases the chances that the candidate of the now completely discredited Socialist Party may be on a magic second place, in the end, as the knight who has to kill the dragon Le Pen. But who exactly is a candidate for the Socialists? It is not very clear. There is the official candidate of the Socialist Party, Benoit Amon. But released from the administration Hollande independent candidate Emmanuel Macron, "neither left, nor right", attracted the support of the right wing of the Socialist Party, as well as most of the neo-liberal globalist elite.

Macron is scheduled to become the winner. But first take a look at his opponents on the left. Francois Hollande, whose approval rating is single-digit, very reluctantly succumbed to the entreaties of his colleagues to avoid the humiliation of a large loss in the nomination for a second term. It was expected that in the not too massive primary elections of the Socialist Party will be elected an ardent supporter of Israel, Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Or, Arnaud Montebourg, who is to the left of Valls, a kind of French politics Warren Beatty, famous for its love affairs and campaigning for a new industrialization of France.

And surprise again. The winner is a colorless, a little-known party careerist named Benoit Amon, who saddled the wave of popular discontent to introduce ourselves leftist critic and socialist alternative government that betrayed promises Hollande to fight the "financiers" and instead attacked the rights of the working class. Amon added sharpness to their claims that he "left", inventing a trick that is fashionable in other European countries, but it is a novelty in the French political debate: "guaranteed basic income". The idea of ​​granting each citizen the same handouts may sound attractive to young people, who find it difficult to find a job. But this idea, which comes from Milton Friedman and other advocates of free financial capitalism, is actually a trap.

This project is based on the idea that unemployment is a constant, in contrast to projects to create jobs or community activities. It should be funded by replacing a number of existing social spending in the name of "getting rid of bureaucracy" and "freedom of consumption." This project will complete deprivation of the influence of the working class as a political force, destroying the total social capital, which is a public service, and share classes dependent on paid workers and unemployed consumers.

It is unlikely that a guaranteed basic income has become a major issue in the French political agenda. So far, the application to the radicalism of Amon used to slip voters from an independent left candidate Jean-Luc Melanshona. Both are vying for support for "green" and activists of the French Communist Party, which has lost all possibilities to determine its own position.

chopped left

Being a magnificent orator, Melanshon gained fame in 2005 year as a leading opponent of the proposed European Constitution that was decisively rejected by French a referendum, but nevertheless adopted under the new name of the French National Assembly. Like many other left France Melanshon a Trotskyist past (from posadistov more tuned to the revolution in the third world than to fight with their rivals), before he joined the Socialist Party, from which he emerged in 2008 year to found the Left party. He occasionally flirted with lost control of the Communist Party, so she joined him in the Front de Gauche (Left Front), and declared himself a candidate for president of the newly independent list of candidates under the name "La France insoumise" - which roughly translates as "unruly France ". Melanshon behaves aggressively accommodating with the French media since it protects such unorthodox position as praise Chavez and opposition from today's Russophobian French foreign policy. Unlike traditional Amon that follows the course of the Socialist Party, Melanshon wants France out of the euro zone and from NATO.

In this structure there are only two really strong personalities: Melanshon left and his preferred opponent - Marine Le Pen on the right. In the past, their rivalries in the local elections did not allow both of them to win, although it was ahead. Their positions on foreign policy are difficult to distinguish: the criticism of the European Union, the desire to withdraw from NATO, good relations with Russia.

Since both of them deviate from the course of the ruling circles, they both expose as "populists" - the term refers to anyone who pays more attention to what they want ordinary people than that dictated by the ruling elite.

On domestic social policy, social services and the preservation of workers' rights is much left Marin Fillon. But the stigma of "ultra-right" party, were fastened to the "National Front" remains, though, along with her close adviser Florian Filippo she got rid of her father Jean-Marie and adjusted the course of the party, in order to attract voters from the working class. The main relic of the old "National Front" is its hostility to immigration, which is now focused on the fear of Islamic terrorists. The terrorist murders in Paris and Nice have made these views more popular than ever before. In its efforts to overcome its reputation as an anti-Semite father Marine Le Pen has made every effort to woo the Jewish community, which helped her rejection of "demonstrative" of Islam, she even urged to ban the wearing of the ordinary Muslim headscarf in public.

The second round between Melanshonom and Le Pen would be a duel between the left and the Renaissance revived right, this departure from the dominant plants that cause many to turn away voters. That could make the policy again exciting. At a time when popular discontent "system" is growing, there are suggestions (monthly free-thinking magazine "Le Causeur" Elizabeth Levy) that anti-system Melanshon can really have the best chances of getting a vote instead of the working classes antisystem Le Pen.

consent Factory

But pro-European Union and NATO neoliberal ruling circles are working to prevent this from happening. Each cover of the magazine or talk show media show their loyalty to the "New! Superior! " centrist candidates who advertise to the public as a consumer product. At its meetings carefully instructed young volunteers who are in the field of view camera, greeted each of his vague generalization of a storm of applause, waving flags and chanting "Macron - President", and then go to a party with a disco, is their reward. Macron closest to the robot, it appears as a serious presidential candidate. That is, it is an artificial creation, constructed by experts for specific tasks.

39-year-old Emmanuel Macron has been a successful investment banker, earned millions working for the Rothschild bank. Ten years ago, in the year 2007, in the age of 29 years, this smart young economist was invited to a privileged class of Jacques Attali, an extremely influential guru whose advice with 1980-x were critical when the marriage of the Socialist Party with the pro-capitalist, neo-liberal globalism. Attali entered Makron in his private analytical center - "Commission to stimulate economic growth", which has helped to make "proposals for 300 France Change" presented by President Sarkozy a year later as a program for the government. Sarkozy did not realize all of their fears of protests by workers, but supposedly "left-wing" socialists were able with impunity to carry out more radical measures antitrudovye because of their softer rhetoric.

Soft rhetoric was illustrated by presidential candidate Francois Hollande in 2012, when he enthused, saying at a rally: "My real enemy is the financial world!". Left embraced it with enthusiasm and voted for him. Meanwhile, Hollande secretly sent as a precaution,Makronto London to reassure the financial elite of the city, it was all just election talk.

After his election, Hollande Makron introduced into your device. There he was given the newly created super-modern-sounding government as Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs 2014 year. With all its bland charm of a department store mannequin Macron beat his irascible colleague, Prime Minister Manuel Valls, in a silent competition for a place in the successor of Chief, President Hollande. Macron favor with big businesses, making their reforms antitrudovye looking young, clean and "progressive." In fact, he largely continued the program of action Attali.

Its main idea is "competitiveness". In a globalized world, a country needs to attract investment capital to compete, and this should reduce the cost of labor. The classic way to do this is to encourage immigration. With the rise of identity politics left better able to justify the mass immigration for moral reasons, as a humanitarian measure. This is the reason why the Democratic Party in the United States and the Socialist Party in France were political partners in the neoliberal globalism. Together, they have changed the outlook of the official left - clicking on the structural measures to promote economic equality, the moral actions that promote equality of minorities with the majority.

Only in the last year he founded Macron (or for it was founded) his political movement called "En marche!" ( "Forward!"), Characterized by meetings with young fans, dressed in T-shirts with Macron. For three months, he felt the need to lead the country and announced his candidacy for president.

Many people run a ship caught in a hopeless position of socialists and go to Macron, a strong political affinities with which Hillary Clinton says that this is his way to make French the Democratic Party based on the American model. Hilary although he lost, but it remains a favorite NATOlenda. And coverage in the US media confirms this idea. Just look at theenthusiastic custom articleRobert Zaretsky in the journal "Foreign Policy" with praise "English-speaking, loving Germany French politician, who was waiting for Europe", to leave no doubt that Macron is a favorite of the transatlantic globalized elite.

Currently Macron is in second place after Marine Le Pen in the polls, which also show that he will win it with an overwhelming majority of votes in the final round. However, his popularity vulnerable carefully created at informing more people about his close ties with the economic elite.

blame Russian

In this case there is a preemptive strike, imported directly from the United States. This Russian blame! What made such a terrible Russian? Mostly, they have made it clear that they prefer friends, not enemies, as the heads of foreign states. In this there is nothing surprising. Russian news media criticize or interviewing people who criticize candidates hostile to Moscow. There is also nothing surprising.

As an example, a shocking intervention, which allegedly threatens to destroy the Republic of France and Western values, was an interview with the Russian news agency "Sputnik" with a member of the French parliament from the "Republicans" Nicolas Dyuikom who dared to say that Macron can be "an agent of the US financial system." This is quite obvious. But the ensuing outcry omitted this detail to accuse the Russian state-controlled media in the "start rumors that he was illegitimate Makron gay relationship" (EU Observer, 13 2017 of February). In fact, this alleged "abusive sexual rumor" goes mainly in the gay community in Paris, for whom the scandal, if it ever is, is not perceived sexual orientation Makron, and that he denies it. Former Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë is openly gay, deputy Marine Le Pen, Florian Filippo too gay, be gay is not France something special.

Makron supports "very rich gay lobby", was quoted Dyuika. And everyone knows who he is: Pierre Berge, a wealthy and influential managing director of Yves Saint Laurent, personifying radical chic, it supports a surrogate pregnancy, that really is a contentious issue in France, the real dispute underlying the failure of the resistance to same-sex marriages.

Deep state reaches the surface

Striking adoption in France of the American anti-Russian campaign indicates a titanic battle for control of the lighting event - the international version of reality consumed by the masses of people who are not able to carry out their own investigation. Control of the coverage of events is an essential element of what Washington calls its "soft power". Hard power can wage war and overthrow the government. Soft power outsiders explains why it was correct. The United States can act with impunity, literally in every situation until they can tell a story about it in their own interests, without being convincingly refuted. As for the weak points in the world, whether it be Iraq, Libya and Ukraine, the lighting control is carried out essentially in the partnership between the intelligence services and the media. Intelligence services compose stories and corporate mass media tell them.

However, anonymous sources "deep state" and the corporate mass media are used to control how everything is served to the public. They do not want to give up this influence. And they certainly do not want it called into question outsiders - especially the Russian media, which tell a very different story.

This is the reason walking is now an unprecedented campaign to expose the Russian and other alternative media as sources of "false news" in order to discredit competing sources. The very existence of the Russian international news channel RT immediately aroused hostility: but how dare violate our Russian version of reality! How dare they have their own point of view! Clinton warned against the RT, when she was Secretary of State, and its successor, John Kerry denounced the channel as a "mouthpiece of propaganda." What we are talking about - it's true, but what they say, can only be propaganda.

Denunciation of the Russian media and Russian alleged "interference in our elections" are mostly fiction Clinton campaign, which has infected broad discussion and in Western Europe. This charge is a clear example of double standards or projection as the US spying on everyone, including their allies, and foreign interference in the elections are well known.

exposing Campaign "false news", created in Moscow, is under way in France and in Germany with the approach of elections. That this charge is an effective intervention in the election campaign, rather than the Russian media. The accusation that Marine Le Pen was "the candidate of Moscow" is intended not only work against her, but is also preparing for the efforts to initiate something like a "color revolution", when she suddenly wins the election May 7. CIA interference in the elections of other countries is not limited to one disputed news reports.

In the absence of any real Russian threat approval Europe that the Russian media "interfere in our democracy", are used to image Russian aggressive enemy, and thus to justify a huge military build-up of NATO forces in the north-eastern Europe, which revives the German militarism and guides national wealth to the military industry.

In a sense, the French elections are a continuation of the US, where the "deep state" has lost its preferred candidate, but not the power. The same forces are at work here, as the French Makron supporting Hillary, but ready to denounce any competitor as a tool in the hands of Moscow.

What is happening in recent months, it confirmed the existence of a "deep state", which is not only national, but also transatlantic, striving to become global. The anti-Russian campaign was a revelation. It reveals, for many people, that the "deep state" does exist - it is a transatlantic orchestra playing the same melody, with no visible conductor. The term "deep state" suddenly began to emerge even in the broad debate, as a reality that can not be denied, even if it is difficult to give a precise definition. Instead, the military-industrial complex, we should probably call it a military-industrial complex media-intelligence or VPMRK. Its power is enormous, but the recognition that it exists is the first step to ensure that free themselves from his grasp.

A source: Perevodik

Author: Diana Johnstone, "Counterpunch", USA

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