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18.04.2017 - 16: 09

France: a play about power, year 2017-th

Elections should not direct the voter to the boredom. Both in Europe and in America it is now the law. Bitter election squabble Trump and Bill Clinton in the United States, the intrigue around Hofer in Austria or Wilders in Holland diversity of life of the citizen, making it a festive element in folk theater.

The theater was and remains a popular spectacle. On the play, what is increasingly becoming the choice, you can escape from everyday life with its everlasting concerns. You can get rid of the feeling of a democratic routine: forget that the people in power in your country changed every 4-5 years, but somehow shallow. And the greater the change, the more shallow.

The French, who 23 April will choose their next president, even a joke: we are no longer left to the politicians.

In such a big joke truth. Still, in the Fifth Republic, founded by General de Gaulle, is now in its eleventh presidential elections, from de Gaulle to Hollande have something to compare, and some international experience before his eyes.

Frenchman proud to be endowed with a part of the national sovereignty, but the judgment he never changed. He sees that after the theatrical colorful victory Trump over Clinton machine power in Washington works even worse, and in the same Austria or the Netherlands, where there were so many electoral noise about the "scandalous" Hofer and Wilders for the duration of the mandate of the new choices in general have forgotten - to the following statement via 4-5 years. However, most likely, during which time play will rewrite and invite new actors.

As for the French play about power, proposed for production in 2017 year, it features extremely ingenious plot. The main thing - to heat continuously from national sovereignty media interest in the proceedings. To "carriers" Do not even think that the holiday of democracy, which starts in France next Sunday and will end the second round of voting on May 7, does not concern them. To maintain this interest, when your "target audience" reach 45 million people, it is not easy. You've got to catch everything: well-distributed in the information space "dirt" on the individual candidates place the head of state, and throw any of the candidates during the performance fresh eggs. Another good idea to throw in the election headquarters of the opponent's firebomb or organize a spectacular acceleration of any demonstration with tear gas. And something else DGSI (Directorate General of the French internal security) will report "significant and direct" terrorist threat to some candidates. There really does not get bored.

However, the authors of the play with controversial subjects can overdo it: a clear excess of the pre-election Divertimenti offered these days the French, it is able to cause human sanity opposite reaction. And then the worst thing to happen to the "system" that people will vote in the election ballot is not, and what is called legs.

To prevent this, the rate of change of "pictures" on television and the Internet must exceed human ability to comprehend what is happening. Approximately so now it turns out.

Initially, the favorites in the race for the presidency of France, there were two - Fransua Fiyon ( "Republicans") and Marine Le Pen ( "National Front"). Then on Fillon brought down "dirt." This did not prevent him to remain in the group of leaders of the race, but the main actor on the stage of the election and, accordingly, the main rival Marine Le Pen has become Emmanuel Macron, protruding from the specially created "for elections," the party "Forward."

Editor Portal Réseau Voltaire Thierry Meyssan, highlighting the fact of the invitation Makron in 2014 year at the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Club, sees this as a direct connection with "Operation Macron", launched two years later, "the supporters of the alliance between the French ruling class, and the United States" (more precisely, a fraction neocons in the US establishment).

Political experience Makron small, but its track list is the work of one of the Rothschild banks; someone even considers his protege of the powerful family. Some time Macron was also the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs Manuel Valls government under President Francois Hollande ( "digital business" in the list of his former duties are particularly important).

In short, 39-year Makron "move" the presidency. This does not guarantee his election, but move it with a passion, the famous French eloquence already proved itself in this field in full: a former bank official, nothing perceptible, compared with Napoleon, and with Roosevelt. Since, however, no service from the Rothschilds or work in government with the unpopular Hollande recommendation in the eyes of the French is not very Macron prefers to appeal before the elections to the image of Virgin of Orleans, believing, apparently, that a reminder of the heroic Joan of Arc is emitted from the mouth of the candidate the presidency as a call to "Vote your heart!", and victory.

After switching to the attention of the electorate on the young "right" Makron switch clicked again, and three of the favorites came close 65-year-old "left" Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who began his political career in the Communist International of the Trotskyist organization. However, the "right" and "left" in French politics so hopelessly confused that it is not only a "man in the street", but also a professor at the Sorbonne did not make out who is who in reality.

And, as if to increase the confusion on the side of "right" Makron suddenly began to run across the "left" Socialists (team to help promote Makron presidential gave his party the former prime Socialist Manuel Valls, who after the bloody terrorist attack in Nice stunned the French statement that that "will be a new attempt .... shall be taken away other lives, and this will continue for a long time."

By the way, the transition Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the outsiders to favorites fascinating election contest was to provide a simple, but effective way - through television debates on TF1 channel (earlier this prior to the first round of the French presidential election was not practiced). Show on TF1 looked 11 million viewers - nearly as much as during the broadcast of the final match of the World Cup. That is, the spectacle attracts.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon - a skilled orator, he has once again proved that populism is immortal: it slogan ( "The salaries increase, so that no one lived in poverty", "act in favor of peace in the world") led to the fact that before the intermediate finish 23 April that will determine the pair into the second round, Jean-Luc Mélenchon pursues the top three on the heels (Macron, Le Pen and Fillon polls give up from the 24 28 percent of the vote in the first round).

Speaking seriously, the jerk who advanced such slogans Jean-Luc Mélenchon - the same figure: the growth of the gap between rich and poor and emerging threats from different sides of the peaceful life of the French concern more than anything else. As well as these issues concern Americans, Germans (those elections too soon) and all the others. This seriously speaking. It prevents the serious conversation one: spectacular holiday party democracy obscures the vital problems faced by people. Here in France, against the background of rapidly changing each other "Divertissement" specific programs of candidates, their political and economic ideas discussed in the last turn. In some cases, it is unknown whether there are such ideas at all.

I hope, however, that between the two rounds (April 23 - 7 May), the opportunity to touch on some substantive aspects of the first pair of candidates programs without distractions already to those who will be eliminated, another will. No wonder that the upcoming elections in France are unofficial plebiscite on the question of whether to continue the host country in the European Union.

A source: Strategic Culture Foundation

Author: Vladimir Maksimenko

Tags: France, Politics, Election, Analytics, Hollande, Marine Le Pen, Fillon, Macron, President