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US Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate

Federal Reserve System (FRS) the USA on Wednesday, March 15, raised its benchmark interest rate - with up to 0,5-0,75 0,75-1 percent. According to Reuters, the Federal Open Market Committee regulator took the decision for the second time in three months.

The Fed said that economic activity in the US is enhanced at a moderate pace, as the labor market continued to strengthen since the end of the last meeting of the regulator, which took place in February this year, RIA Novosti reported. Inflation increased in recent quarters, moving in the direction of the long strips of two percent set by the regulator.

The next Fed meeting is scheduled for May 2-3.

14 February Fed Chairman Janet Yellen allowed raising the base interest rate at the next meeting. She noted that uncertainties remain with regard to the economic US president Donald Trump policy. According to her, the Fed runs the risk of being late, if it is to delay the increase, this may lead to a recession.

1 February, the Committee on the Federal Open Market decided to maintain the benchmark interest rate at level 0,5 0,75-percent per annum.

The US central bank for the first time in 2016 year raised the benchmark interest rate in December 14. It was increased to up to 0,25-0,5 0,5-0,75 percent. At the same time the Fed predicted a rise of three base rate 2017 year to two previously expected. The average level of rates should reach 1,375 percent.

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