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17.05.2017 - 10: 51

FT: Erdogan and Trump ignore the contradictions and welcomed a "new era" of relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his first personal meeting with US President Donald Trump, proclaimed a "new era" in US-Turkish relations, saying the united front to combat terrorism. However, the president of the newly bypassed a number of issues on which they and they can not agree, said The Financial Times.

"In our region in the future will be no place for terrorist organizations", - he said, standing in the White House next to the Trump, Erdogan, quoted by The Financial Times. Between NATO allies deployed extensive negotiations, marking a "historic turning point", - he stressed.

Meanwhile, Turkey etc. are still stunned by the announcement in Washington last week, stressing the need to help the Syrian Kurds weapons in the fight against IG * reminded FT.

Syrian Kurds, "fraternal" organization for the banned PKK - Kurdistan Workers' Party, considered terrorists by the Turkish leadership. Yes, Ankara trying to weaken his criticism against them, saying at one point that the US has no "no choice" but to cooperate with the Kurds. However, Erdogan still could not resist the conflict with the United States and during the meeting "quite frankly," said the Turkish minister Fethullah Gyulen, who is in the United States, played a major role in a failed military coup in July, and that Turkey still hopes to get help US to extradite him, the newspaper pointed out.

The meeting itself is a success story for Erdogan, who was deeply offended during his official visit to the US last year, when Obama refused to speak with him face-to-face. In addition, Trump was one of the first to congratulate Erdogan in connection with "his controversial victory" during the constitutional referendum, expanding presidential powers Turkish leader noted publication. "One only Erdogan's invitation to a meeting in the White House has already made it to 50% happier," - said the publication of the author of Turkey under the leadership of Erdogan, "The new sultan" Soner Kagaptey.

Both the US and Turkey are going to fight with IG in the Middle East, but it is unclear how long they will be able to reconcile their very different objectives in the region, the first signs of disagreement emerged after only a few months after Trump became president, emphasized the FT. Thus, CIA Director Mayk Pompeo publicly criticized Turkey after his visit last month: "I was expecting more, - he stressed. - They are NATO partners and the need to behave accordingly. There have been episodes where they have helped us, but there were cases where they were not always the most productive ally. "

US wants Syria "Kurdish People's Protection Units» (YPG) fully dislodged IG of Raqqa, but Turkey is such a turn of events is not welcome, the newspaper stressed.

A source: LOOK

Author: Marina Baltachevo

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