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FT: Germany following with concern the elections in France

Germany is not only afraid of the leader of the "National Front" Marine Le Pen victory, no less fear in Berlin is the fact that none of the candidates for the French presidency can not solve political and economic problems of the country, writes The Financial Times.

The Financial Times in the article on the problems in the Franco-German relationship, provides an example. A few kilometers from the French border German Peter Strobel engaged sausage business and receives about 40% gains from the French. In the current environment, says the businessman, its cross-border clients are forced to make unexpected compromises.

"The French will save on food last. But now they are buying cheaper products, "- he stressed. "Germany does not have enough workers or trainees. And in France, unemployment, "- said Strobel, who quotesThe Financial Times.

The German announced a major concern in Germany about the upcoming elections in France: contrasting the economic prospects of the two countries and the question of whether anything will change after the elections.

Major political and economic partner of Berlin are coming the most important election in many years. Chancellor Angela Merkel's government is concerned about their outcome, because they determine the international role of Germany indicated the FT.

leader of the "National Front" Marine Le Pen victory, which, apparently, is almost guaranteed to come out in the second round of elections in May, remains the most serious problem for Germany. But even if the winning candidate centrist Emmanuel Macron, Berlin is not sure he will be able to pull France out of the "political and economic malaise," the newspaper stressed.

The same concern expressed by the head of the Berlin branch of the publication of the analytical center "The European Council of International Relations" Yozef Yanning: "People are concerned not only about the possible victory of Le Pen. They are concerned that, even with Macron internal French problems may remain unsolved. "

Berlin need to strengthen France is clear. She needs an equal partner of the EU, able to solve problems - ranging from migration and ending unemployment. When the Berlin acts alone, it is often accused critics of resorting to comparisons with the rule of the Nazi era. "After Brexit Germany is particularly needed in France to avoid being portrayed as a leader", - said the head of the Berlin edition of the analytical center Delors Institute Henrik Enderlein.

Meanwhile, free to save a drowning ally Germany was not in a hurry: "The Germans sacrificed to reform its economy. I can not imagine that we would just put more money without any conditions ", - said the deputy CDU Ursula Grod-Kranjc.

A source: LOOK

Author: Marina Baltachevo

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