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FT reported that the agricultural boom in Russia

The British business paper Financial Times published an article in which he said that Russia is going through an agricultural boom, proving that the market hides a lot of opportunities for investors.

The author Nil Bakli wrote that after being in 2014, the West imposed sanctions against Moscow, and she said countermeasures, many in Russia saw this as an opportunity for the development of local companies and prospects for import substitution. And although many do not believe in success, we can confidently say that at least in the field of agriculture optimism was justified, according to RIA "Novosti".

The publication notes that in 2016, Russia became the world's largest exporter of cereals and sugar beet, domestic production of pork and poultry has reduced to "no" the need to import them. In addition, while the production of greenhouse vegetables in the past year increased by 30% compared to the year 2015.

The agricultural sector sector is likely to be further developed, as profit growth enables farmers to invest in technology and to buy more fertilizer to improve the situation in the less developed areas of agriculture. Thus, agricultural products became the second main export item in Russian after oil and gas.

In mid-March, President Vladimir Putin said at a congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs said that the period of adaptation of the Russian economy to the new conditions is almost over, become the key long-term development objectives. As explained by the president, "increasing industrial production, including in the manufacturing sector," growing "agriculture".

A source: LOOK

Author: Alina Nazarova

Tags: Russia, Agriculture, Economy

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