Today: March 22 2019
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FT: in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused the EU of being traitors and

FT: in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused the EU of being traitors and "collusion"

Tags: Ukraine, EU Policy

In Ukraine, more and more doubts about the EU's reliability as a partner, and increasingly feel "betrayed", writes The Financial Times, citing Deputy Foreign Minister for European Integration Elena mirror.

Future agreement on association of Ukraine and the EU because of the opposition of the Netherlands looks hazy. Moreover, Kiev still has not received the promised visa-free regime, in spite of all the political forces, the article says. Ukrainian authorities have high hopes for solution to the problem, hoping that it will increase their support among the population, but the EU against the background of the migration crisis is in no hurry to open the border.

"This is a test of the reliability of the European Union ... Now I'm not very diplomatically It feels like a betrayal, especially if we take into account the price we paid for the European aspirations None of the EU countries do not pay the price..," - Said the publication of the mirror.

Some Ukrainians feel "collusion", she added. According to the Ukrainian diplomat, Ukraine "is now hardly believe the promises", writes the FT.

The situation is aggravated discontent Ukrainians about the reforms that Kiev was obliged to spend to get loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

"I would like Europeans to adhere to the values ​​of which they speak, and opened the door for Ukrainians If you promise to open the border -. Open We are a part of the completed We have enacted laws which were waiting for us.." - leads edition of the words of a resident of Kiev Igor Luchuka .

As stated in an interview with FT, former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the situation in Ukraine may take a dangerous turn if the West will not have a lot of support Kiev.

In December 2015, the European Commission reported that Ukraine and Georgia have met all conditions for visa liberalization with the EU. In Kiev and Tbilisi hope that the citizens of the two countries visa canceled before the end of the year. In the European Union agreed on the mechanism of "freezing" the visa-free regime for Ukraine and Georgia last week. On Tuesday, December 13, the EU ambassador to Ukraine, Hugues Mingarelli said that the visa-free regime "will start operating in a few months."

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