Today: January 16 2019
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"Gazprom" laid almost half of the "Turkish flow"

Tags: Gazprom, Russia, Gas, Black Sea, Construction, Turkish flow

"Gazprom" has already laid down 884 kilometers of the Turkish Stream, which is about 48% of the offshore section of the pipeline, according to a statement by South Stream Transport BV ("daughter" of Gazprom, which is engaged in the construction of the offshore section of the Turkish Stream).

"In total, 884 km was laid along two strings, which is about 48% of the offshore section of the gas pipeline," the report said.

At the same time, the company notes that Pioneering Spirit, which is laying the first line of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, has passed the 660 kilometer in the Black Sea near the border with the exclusive economic zone of Bulgaria.

"The passed section was located in the laying corridor previously agreed for the South Stream gas pipeline.Pioneering Spirit is currently laying on a new section of the route designed specifically for the Turkish Stream in the direction of the Kyykoy settlement in accordance with the permits received from the Turkish Republic, "the release said.

"Gazprom" 7 May 2017 year started construction of the offshore section of the gas pipeline "Turkish Stream". The project involves the construction of two strings of capacity of 15,75 billion cubic meters each. The first line is intended for gas supplies to Turkish consumers, it is planned to introduce it in March 2018; the second - for gas supply to the countries of South and South-Eastern Europe (commissioning period - 2019 year). "Gazprom" considers options for the continuation of the "Turkish flow" through Bulgaria and Serbia, or through Greece and Italy.

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