Today: January 21 2019
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Putin Secretary General

Putin Secretary General

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Not every world leader manages to surround his address to the UN General Assembly this intrigue, as did Vladimir Putin. Scheduled for Monday statement of the Russian president - the first in a decade - would be an amazing turn of events.

These two phrases Financial Times reflects the expectations and aspirations are connected with Putin's speech tomorrow. His appearance on the podium of the United Nations falls on one of the most critical moments in the life of our planet, came together when many global changes, threats and disasters. The excitement is heightened by the fact that 70-th session of the UN General Assembly against the background of a new confrontation between Russia and the West, more severe than during the Cold War and comparable, perhaps, only to the Cuban missile crisis.

Russian president visits New York journalists immediately dubbed visit Wolf's Lair, and even expressed doubts about its feasibility. Indeed, the demonization of the West Ptina is part of the scenario to isolate Russia. She untwisted including to limit contacts with the Russian leader's colleagues.

As is known, each judge for yourself, and the failure of anti-Russian projects largely explains Putin's assessment of US political strategists in accordance with their own standards. It is naive to believe that the Russian president will refuse volzmozhnosti express their views on current global political processes and try to convince opponents that he was right, and even with the stands, where he will hear the whole world.

Rabid Putin's popularity in the West, growing day by day, in spite of endless attempts to tarnish its image, has led to the fact that analysts are frantically trying to predict the content of his speeches and public reaction to it. The image of a man that can change the world, rather ensures that all eyes will of course be turned to the Russian leader.

Media professional stoked interest in the upcoming session. However, it is not clear what, in fact, sensations impressionable audience expects from the treatment of the Russian president. Putin avoids sensationalism and all sorts of PR actions. And his position he regularly voiced in various formats. Russia's attitude to the war in Ukraine and Syria, its proposal to overcome the financial crisis, the idea of ​​the new world order setting out many times in interviews, press conferences, summits, etc.

According to Dmitry Peskov, Putin was preparing to speak at the UN General Assembly about a month. It is clear that his speech in which he carefully and meticulously calibrated every word will not be reduced to the repetition.

It is also clear that under the tense circumstances, expectations of the public will not be fooled, and the session may be all sorts of surprises and even shocks. For, no matter how considered and no matter what our zakordonnye "friends" and the opposition, to bring humanity out of the impasse into which it brought selfishness and irrepressible desire for superiority of one country can only Vladimir Putin.

Like this axiom fits the forthcoming session of the General Assembly?

For a start it should be noted that prior to her Russian foreign political life not just in full swing, but in fact more like a turbulent maelstrom. It seemed that the meetings and talks downright does not fit into the schedule that, given the growth of tension around Russia looks very exciting.

In September alone, a trip to China was held for the Parade in honor of the end of the Second World War (round trip through Transbaikalia), the First Eastern Economic Forum, the CSTO summit in Dushanbe, the Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan forum in Sochi (essentially, another meeting leaders of the EAEC), visits by the leaders of Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Palestine in connection with the opening of a new mosque in Moscow and, to top it, the arrival of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. In parallel, the official chronicle abounds in reports of telephone conversations of the Russian president with the leaders of the CIS, Asia, and Europe. And these are only those negotiations, which we were able to report.

As you can see, the number of contacts exceeds the limit even for Putin. And striking that tightly covers the area of ​​communication Russia's allies (with the exception of a telephone conversation in the Norman format). With some of them, the Russian president spoke several times in a very short time

The main topic of conversation was, of course, security. The threat from IGIL draws leaders of countries to Putin, like butterflies. The meaning of the discussion boils down to the fact that Russia collects those who are able to become a full-fledged partner and offers them protection. A risky situation dictates strict requirements. No flirting with America and the West, multi-vector and sitting on two and three chairs will not pass any more - they are deadly dangerous. It will also not be possible to remain silent behind Russia's back and dump all the dirty diplomatic work on it - you can provoke the enemy to new attempts to lay down a revolutionary puzzle in any country with weak statehood.

Judging by the severity of the issues raised and serious multilateral discussions, it seems that the last meeting of the leaders of the president of Russia forced them to make the only correct conclusion: the survival is only possible if they will stick to a common position on the most important issues. Russian coalition must join forces and go on the offensive.

The sensation of the General Assembly will not appeal Putin. Bombshell produce performances Russian allies. At this time in Russia at the UN will not be alone - based on the content of previous contacts her colleagues are going to oppose the dictatorship of the US united front.

As Putin managed so quickly to rally wavering and wriggle out of responsibility of colleagues, the effort is worth it, and the Russian government? It borders on downright diplomatic miracle. The main work was done in just a month. Most likely, there is not enough thorough knowledge of the situation and free orientation in others' problems and preferences. We need genuine persuasion, and a sincere interest in partners who among the current policy has only the Russian president.

Another surprise of the current anniversary session can become recruitment of Russian partners (without the quotes). Among them may be, in particular, some European leaders.

In favor of this predzhpolozheniya can cite several arguments:

1. Europe has made it clear that resigned to the annexation of Crimea. Trips to the island of French parliamentarians, famous representatives of show business and sports stars completed a landmark visit Berlusconi. And the interest is not the visit itself, and not just another tantrum in Kiev on this issue, but the silence of Evorpy, pretending that she was not to Gogo.

2. I must say, Italian politicians are increasingly positioning themselves as a bridge between the EU and Russia. The last step in the Russian side was the visa issued by Italy innocently fell under the sanctions Joseph Kobzon, for which she received a few illustrative but ineffectual kicks.

3. Several frightened protests in Germany and France, while coming a blatant attempt to rehabilitate fascism in Ukraine and bandit actions of radicals, like Mukachevo incident, saying that Europe's patience is not unlimited. There are limits beyond which they cross the country in which the participants are still alive and witnesses of World War II. Failure to understand this simple truth can be costly for America, had never seen the invaders in their territory.

4. Replica Merkel on the need for dialogue with Assad to address the problem of migrants caused a direct attack of neurosis in the Western media. From which it follows that neither Europe nor the US expected such a frank nod towards Putin. This means, first, that despite the severely and repeatedly spoiled relations, the Chancellor in critical cases still tends to listen to Vladimir Vladimirovich, in defiance of Obama and the shadows behind him from the financial clans. Secondly, the number of Western publications and resources that are in solidarity with it turned out to be much more than expected, and this is already a sign not in favor of America.

5. The upcoming meeting between Obama and Putin clearly shows the willingness of the US to seek common ground with Russia. Bring America to the point - a diplomatic victory.

6. In general, the European Union, which has suffered a series of serious strikes in prestige over the past year and has been on the verge of death, has finally matured to an open rebellion against the tyrant. In addition, since the capitalist understands only the pocket interest, counter-forces have helped to open their eyes to "our partners" for material losses because of the American course. Do not forget about the gas needle, with which the EU does not get down at all desire, as evidenced by intensive negotiations on the North Stream-2, which is insurance against all Ukrainian forts.

7. As regards the Asian region, in the opinion of many political scientists, aggravated the Syrian conflict has led to the fact that in the Middle East, Russia regained the status of a significant player lost from the time of the Soviet Union. It has a more powerful impact than it seems at first glance. Fear of being left alone with the Islamic state pushes Arab sheikhs for an alliance with Russia. This will drastically frequent contacts with Saudi Arabia - proof of Education of the Asian oil tandem in which America was left behind.

As the Saudis will behave in the United Nations, it will be seen: East - a delicate matter, and add long. In the meantime, Russia has gained the support of colleagues on the oil shop, which in itself - a considerable success.

Of course, to achieve the maximum effect, the position of the speakers should be as hard and certain not to leave America a chance to slip away from the responsibility. However, the intelligence of the CIA also did not sleep, and to resist pressure golsdepovskogo may udstsya not for everyone.

Still, a great victory is a general recognition that the policy of the United States has reached a stage where it is time to present them with an ultimatum. Recent US projects are so disastrous energy that begin to destroy themselves. A long row of destroyed, hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of refugees have led to the fact that overseas demon antagonized the whole world, and it looks like tomorrow will present his account for their actions.

At a time when humanity stands on the edge of World War III, the output of the Russian President to the podium of the UN and all the associated expectations - a sign that Russia is ready to declare itself not just as a great country, but as a superpower. Supporting her supporters - proof strength of Russia and its ability to become a center for dialogue, to proclaim a new world order and the story of the state behind him.

Besides Putin, now simply no one to take the place of podlinngo rather than the formal leader of the United Nations. Togo, who will return the role of the organization an effective tool to improve the political climate of the planet, and not just a platform for discussion. Perhaps it's fate - always a surprise, offering unconventional approaches and solutions paradoxical intractable problems.

Although tomorrow is unlikely to convince and win over all, to get someone to think - that's a lot.

Yulia Brajnikov
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