Today: March 24 2019
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CE Secretary General personally asks Russia to return to PACE

CE Secretary General personally asks Russia to return to PACE

Tags: Europe, Council of Europe, EU, Politics, Russia, Ukraine

The visit of Secretary General of the Council of Europe Turben Jagland to Moscow caused real hysteria, both among Kiev officials and Ukrainian diplomats. In particular, the director has a comic troupe, arranging regular circus performances in PACE.

The wave of panic was raised by the head of the Ukrainian delegation in the parliamentary assembly, Vladimir Aryev, whose hysterical publication was rapidly replicated by Ukrainian media. The diplomat warns Kiev that the head of the Council of Europe went to Moscow with the sole purpose of persuading the Russian delegation to return to PACE with the restoration of all powers and rights. Aryev is sure that Jagland went all-in and went to Moscow with a petition. He compares the actions of the head of the Council of Europe with the trade in indulgences and, without being embarrassed by the expressions, insults Jagland personally and the coalition of European deputies who allegedly sent him with the proposal of an amicable solution to the problem.

Ukrainian diplomats insist that the Council of Europe has gone on to violate the fundamental principles of the European Union and literally spit on their own foundations. The Parliamentary Assembly, according to Aryev, is ready to ask to return the "criminal" for the sake of his multi-million membership dues.

Кстати, когда украинский патриот явно с незаслуженной корочкой дипломата писал своё разоблачительное и откровенно истеричное воззвание неизвестно кому (то ли своему президенту, то ли прямо в Брюссель или Гаагу), Ягланд, наверное, ещё даже не приземлился в Домодедово. Генсек только начал свой рабочий визит и провёл пару встреч, но украинские дипломаты уже заранее успели его заклеймить, а заодно и полить грязью основные правозащитные и законодательные институты Европы.

Kiev really should think about disbanding the Ukrainian delegation to PACE and creating a new one, for at the moment even Poroshenko, who continues to disgrace himself in any foreign tour, does not harm Ukraine like this group of clowns. But, unfortunately (or rather, to the joy), the Kiev reformers do not differ much from their representatives on European venues either in terms of prudence or in terms of diplomatic tact. Instead of precipitating its delegates from the reels, official Kiev initiated the persecution of already "traitor" Jagland in the Ukrainian media. Poroshenko and the company do not leave a choice to Ukraine and continue to isolate and disgrace the country.

As you know, over the past six months, Ukrainian diplomats and, in particular, a group of representatives in PACE managed to visit the center of a number of scandals and simply drown Ukraine's authority in Europe, which had already struggled to stay afloat. If it were not for the "roof" of Uncle Sam, the Ukrainians were expelled from the same PACE after the persecution of its chairman Pedro Agramunt, and after the races arranged later, the notorious visa-free regime would be abolished. Ukraine is in the balance of penalties from the whole of the European Union, and this thin thread is kept only by Trump. How long will the patience of the American president last? And his European vassals, allowing you to wipe your feet on Ukrainian Aborigines, who obviously have not the slightest idea even of the initial elements of international diplomacy?

PS: Aryev, by the way, is right, and Jagland can one day make a loud and extremely unpleasant statement for all Russophobes. It will be interesting to watch the madness parade in Kiev and Strasbourg, which Ukrainian officials and diplomats will certainly arrange. Perhaps Yagland's statement will also be a verdict for Ukraine at least in the Council of Europe, if its diplomats arrange such a repetition that European patience will finally burst.

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