Today: December 15 2018
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Germany again became famous for anti-Semitism

Germany again became famous for anti-Semitism

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The Germans are reluctant to admit that anti-Semitism has returned to Germany. The government is ready to introduce a special post for an authorized representative on this issue, since it is no longer possible to ignore the slogans such as "Shoot all Jews!". Victims blame the police in all respects, the police themselves - politicians, and politicians grow their hands - this is the other side of "European tolerance".

In December, European Muslims staged a series of loud protests against the decision of Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Mass demonstrations of insulted migrants and their descendants began as anti-Israeli demonstrations, but threatened to grow into natural pogroms: under the pretext of "protecting Palestine" aggressive crowds attacked and offended European Jews.

Usually such is incorrectly called "anti-Semitism", although ethnic Arabs, who made up the bulk of the demonstrators, are themselves Semitic. However, local media insist that the centers of European cities were filled with anti-Semitic slogans. In Swedish Malmo, the Muslims chanted: "We shoot all Jews!" In Swedish Gothenburg, a local synagogue was thrown with firecrackers. The pro-Israel demonstrators in Berlin were taken away from the flags and immediately destroyed.

At the same time, on the page of the German government, thousands of evil anti-Semitic comments appeared on Facebook. Murat from Frankfurt am Main wrote that "Zionism is evil," and "the Holocaust is a lie." Emre of Plettenburg reported that he "misses Adolf", because he knew from the very beginning that "Jews are dirty people".

Protestants literally enjoyed self-promotion: they filmed their shares on mobile phones and put them on the Internet. The media, of course, also could not pass by such provocative demonstrations. And to burn the Israeli flag at the Brandenburg Gate all leading politicians of Germany were compelled to respond.

Thus, the general picture of European Muslim anti-Semitism, which was previously silently hushed up by the apologists of tolerance, multiculturalism and migration, began to become clear.

Actually, mass "pro-Palestinian" performances rage in Europe for a long time. A wave of thousands of demonstrations swept through the cities of Germany even before Trump's focus - last summer. Crowds of swarthy, bearded men paced the central streets of Berlin, Frankfurt, Kassel, Dortmund, shouting "We poison Israel with gas!", "Jews, you are animals!" And other frankly pogrom slogans. The police watched dispassionately. None of the demonstrators was arrested.

All this happened in a country where real prison terms are given for denying the Holocaust, and suspicion of anti-Semitism can cost a career and a politician, a journalist, and a businessman.

The influx of migrants has clearly radicalized Muslim diasporas in European countries. The young people who have found it, faced with the lack of prospects and social elevators, pushes their irritation on other minorities. German teachers told reporters that in schools where the overwhelming majority are Muslim children, Jewish students are persecuted and often forced to transfer to other educational institutions.

In recent years, the most popular curse among schoolchildren was "You are a Jew!".

Jews regularly face insults, aggression, and bullying by Muslims. "I do not advise people to wear a pile or David star in the streets," Joseph Schuster, president of the Jewish Council of Germany, told Bild. "In many areas of the largest German cities, identifying yourself as a Jew means provoking a wave of verbal and physical violence."

Authorities and leading media are trying to turn a blind eye to this daily domestic aggression. For the entire 2017 year, the German police counted only 681 anti-Semitic insults, with 93% attributing to right-wing extremists. The reason for this is that the topic of Muslim anti-Semitism is blatantly politically incorrect. Seeing on the wall a swastika and the slogan "Jews, go out!", The police by default attribute the offense to "their" right-wing radicals, although the love of Hitler and the endorsement of the Holocaust is the newest fashion of youth from the migrant environment.

Left parties, regularly accused of anti-Semitism of all their political opponents, also got water in their mouths. "I'm not surprised that our leftists did not protest against the anti-Israel demonstration," Rainer Wendt, head of the German police union, remarked sarcastically in an interview with Die Welt. "The German Left is fighting exclusively against German anti-Semites."

Against this backdrop, the united Jewish community of Duisburg, Mülheim and Oberhausen considered it beneficial to cancel public celebrations in honor of Chanukah. "If you are afraid to celebrate in public, then this is a terrible situation. This should not be in Germany! "- the chairman of the CDU's evangelical working group, Benjamin Heymann, sympathized with the Jews. Most likely, he says sincerely - Christian holidays recently also gets from Muslims.

The growth of anti-Semitism is noticeable not only in Germany. In 2015, the French journalist Zwick Klein set up an experiment - he put on a pile and went for a walk around Paris. The most innocent thing he heard in the courtyard of an educational institution was "Long live Palestine!". In other streets, Arabs and Africans spat in it, advised "to bring home", sophisticated mothers. For 10 hours of walking, the correspondent managed to shoot a video expressively depicting the life of a Jew in modern Paris.

Another telling story tells the newspaper 20 minutes. A Jewish family from the department of Saint-Saint-Denis discovered one evening that the tires of their car were cut, and the house was scratched with the words "Jews" and "Israel." After a couple of weeks, the house was robbed. The family appealed to the police. "Repeated attack is dangerous. Leave, "- that's all they said to the police.

A rabbi from Pierfit told journalists 20 minutes that for 10 years the number of parishioners in his synagogue has decreased by half. In Bondi - this is another town in Saint-Denis-the number of people celebrating Yom Kippur fell from 800 to 400. The reason he sees is that the department was chosen by the Arabs and Africans - now local Jews literally flee the city.

A similar moral climate is typical for other cities in France. Armed attacks on Jewish schools, kosher shops, synagogues have become routine. As a result, over the last 10 years, more than 40 thousand Jews left the country - almost 10% of the entire diaspora.

Together with millions of migrants, Europe imported and frantic anti-Semitism, however, talking about this is considered indecent. The left-wing politicians continue to assure that all anti-Semitic manifestations are peculiar only to the local ultra-right. Blaming all the sins of political opponents from PEGIDA or AdG, they try not to notice the threat that migrants bring to European Jews.

However, the events of recent weeks (primarily pogrom slogans on the streets and the burning of Israeli flags) still forced the German authorities to imitate certain activities. The Minister of the Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany, Thomas de Mezier, proposed the creation of the post of Commissioner for Combating Anti-Semitism. And the Minister of Justice Heiko Maas advised to make the "educational program on the Holocaust an important part of the integration of migrants".

However, such ideas cause considerable skepticism. The head of the trade union of police Rainer Wendt is sure that these are nothing more than empty excuses:

"The pathetic protests of politicians against anti-Semitism will not help us. The same politicians who are promoting this tragedy of illegal migration from the most anti-Semitic regions of the world today tell us that they are fighting anti-Semitism. "

He echoes the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. In an interview on French television, he literally attacked the migration policy of Angela Merkel: "You can not first kill millions of Jews, and then bring in their place millions of their most sworn enemies!"

Victoria Nikiforov
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