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Germany proposed to measure the activity of the NATO countries

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lyayen proposed to introduce a new tool to assess NATO's contribution to the activities of the military unit. This was reported on Friday, March 17, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The head of the German Defense Ministry was in favor of the creation of "activity index". It is expected that it will take into account the participation of Member States in the operations of the Alliance.

The Minister also recalled that Germany needs some incentive for speedy modernization of the armed forces (Bundeswehr). According to von der Lyayen, Federal Republic of Germany as a country with a strong economy can not afford to violate obligations to the other members of the alliance, while poorer countries unable to comply with them.

head of department initiative designed to complement the recommended standard of defense spending for NATO countries, constituting two percent of their GDP. In accordance with the agreement reached in 2014 year agreement, bloc states pledged to increase military budgets to this level over the next ten years.

A source: Slow