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Germany is interested in a rapprochement of Belarus and the European Union

Germany is interested in a rapprochement of Belarus and the European Union and would like to speed up this process, he said in Minsk on Monday, Minister of State for European Affairs of Germany Michael Roth.

"My country has a great interest to Germany and there was a rapprochement between the EU and Belarus We want to speed it up." - Said Roth reporters after talks with Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makey.

He stressed that Germany sees Europe not only as an economic space, as Community countries with a common system of values, which includes democracy, human rights and the independence of the media.

"Belarus - a European country", - said the Minister of State, noting the importance of the implementation of these key European values ​​in life. According to him, democracy is central. "We want to help to make these achievements were more effective in Belarus", - continued Roth, adding that democracy - an important key to stability in the country and attract investment.

The State Minister said that Europe rejects the death penalty. "It would be good if and Belarus could become part of the European family, denying the death penalty", - he said.

"We moved away from a policy of sanctions, came to policy-oriented collaboration If Belarus will develop along the path of democracy and the rule of law, it will be." Value added "and for citizens of the country", - he says. Roth also recalled the many global crises that can be allowed in the case of co-operation, whether it is the Middle East, migration, terrorism. "We need new bridges," - he added.

A source: RIA News

Author: Nina Gurina

Tags: Germany, Belarus, Politics, European Union, International Relations