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The death of the Syrian MiG manbij foretells fall into the hands of Assad

It is still not clear whether the shot down a Syrian fighter plane that had fallen on the border with Turkey, pro-Turkish militants or fell as a result of a fault. Nevertheless, after this episode, Ankara said it was ready to make concessions Bashar Assad, stressing that the Syrian land should belong to the Syrians. Does this mean an end to bloody fighting the Turkish and Syrian armies?

Syrian pilot: The plane from Turkey border was shot down

Syrian Air Force pilot 56-year-old Colonel Mehmet Sufhan testified at a hospital in Hatay, he said that his plane crashed near the Turkish-Syrian border due to the fact that he was shot down, according to Aksam newspaper.

The pilot said he flew from a base near the Syrian Latakia with a view to strike targets militants near the Syrian Idlib. His plane was shot down during the quest, RIA "Novosti".

The publication does not specify who exactly has brought down the plane.

On the internet on Sunday morning there was a video of a Syrian Air Force fighter jet crash site near the Turkish border. The pilot managed to eject and was later found in 500 meters from the scene of the incident in the Hatay province. Earlier, Turkish rescuers found the crashed fighter pilot. Pilot injured.

First, the pilot was taken to the gendarmerie, and then hospitalized. The pilot is in the hospital the Turkish city of Hatay. Flyer for a long time could not find because of the bad weather, reports "Interfax". Haberturk said that the pilot was one. Recall, on the eve of the Syrian military aircraft - according to various sources, this MiG-21-23 or MiG - fell on the territory of Turkey.

Action groups "Ahrar al-Sham" claimed that they themselves shot down the plane, but military sources say that he fell because of problems with the engine or other technical malfunction. It is worth noting that "Ahrar al-Sham" - grouping of pro-Turkish.

The clash is inevitable

As the newspaper VIEW, the last few days have been documented cases of direct clashes between the Syrian and Turkish armies or groups controlled by the Turks. Earlier it was reported that under the Al-Bab, near the settlement of Tadef, Turkish riot police tried to break through the defense line of the CAA using armored vehicles. As a result, 15 Syrian soldiers were killed and three were captured, and the two of them is not clear what purpose is actively demonstrated on Turkish television. Turkish special forces lost one armored vehicle (it took Syrians) and about 40 killed and wounded.

In addition, reports of clashes between the Turkish controlled by gangs and militants "Democratic Syria forces» (SDF), in whose ranks Kurdish groups are fighting.

At the same time, Ankara seems to be negotiating with the Syrian government - and immediately after the collapse of the fighter made it clear that it is ready to make concessions. Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said he is not against the Syrian government army control over manbij, adding that the Syrian land should belong to the Syrians. He noted that the Syrian Kurds self-defense forces leave the city, reports RIA "Novosti".

Tehran could provoke conflict with the Turks

Head of the Department for Studies of Middle East Conflicts and Armed Forces of the Region of the Institute for Innovative Development Anton Mardasov, commenting on the crash of the plane to the newspaper, noted that in general the Syrian air force planes, which, according to Mardasov's assumption, can be both MiG-21 and MiG-23, and training aircraft L-39, very old - it's easy to hit them not even with the help of MANPADS, but, for example, from large-caliber machine guns. "Similar cars have already lost their way over Eastern Aleppo, and it was also unclear whether the aircraft crashed or was shot down from a MANPADS or a heavy machine gun. The same "Ahrar ash-Sham" may well have means that can "land" a Syrian plane, "he said. According to Mardasov, what happened to the Syrian aircraft is not something extraordinary.

If the plane was indeed shot down by insurgents, then, as noted Mardasov, it is not clear which of the factions "Ahrar al-Sham" and he was hit by the territory of one of the factions, in fact, bombed Syrian air force.

"The problem is that now there are negotiations in Astana, where this group is not directly, but indirectly provided. Turkish operation "Shield Euphrates" start splitting "Ahrar" because its troops left the buffer zone, and at first it did not specifically advertise. Then, within the framework of the disengagement of the opposition faction was divided de facto into two camps gravitating to "en-Nusra" and "Free Syrian Army" (FSA), "- he explained.

Mardasov pointed out that it is possible to recognize the division of the group, which tends to PAS, "moderate opposition", and it controls the main areas on the Syrian-Turkish border. "However, it does not allow such a division" Ahrar "right to participate in the Astana course, especially when in some areas of Damascus continues to attack his troops", - the expert added. Nevertheless Mardasov indicated that indirectly "Ahrar" and was presented at the Geneva talks.

The military expert also noted that in this region, in Idlib, as such there are no points of contact between the Syrian government troops and the opposition. "It is not ruled out that by conducting such bombings, the Syrian Air Force deliberately, on its own initiative, disrupts peace agreements. In the intelligence of the Syrian Air Force, which is responsible for providing coordinates, the influence of the Iranian military is very strong. Tehran has its own game, and he does not like Turkey's participation in the negotiations in Astana. The bombing of "Ahrar ash-Sham" could be a deliberate provocation, "he suggested. According to Mardasov, Damascus and Tehran can intentionally disrupt the truce to prevent the strengthening of Turkey's positions in Syria, and thus actually "substitute" for Russia at the talks in Astana.

Moscow and Ankara have not embroil

As for the actual episode, Mardasov believes that it is worth refraining from indiscriminate accusations against the Turkish side. "If the Turks themselves ordered to shoot down a Syrian plane, and then they themselves sent a search group, found a pilot and provided him medical assistance, then this is really a very" insidious "plan. Agree, somehow illogical, "- he explained. In addition, Mardasov said, Moscow and Ankara understand the benefits of mutual cooperation, not only in the Syrian conflict. "Let's say that the capture of Eastern Aleppo under the control of the Syrian government army became possible with this cooperation. Moreover, Moscow thus managed to leave only Syria-Iran, which is important for establishing relations with the Sunni world, "the expert believes.

In addition, according to Mardasova, the translation of the conflict in the political mainstream, soft decentralization of the country, the problems of refugees, post-war reconstruction of the country - all this can be done only at the Russian-Turkish cooperation.

The expert recalled that "Euphrates Shield" operation was coordinated with Moscow, and the subsequent joint actions in the area of ​​El-Baba showed agreement on the military side - there demarcation line ran along the track M4. "Yes, there is not without clashes between pro-government forces and pro-Turkish, but such incidents sides tried to settle quickly. The fact that they are - as expected. At least because in the "Shield" forces involved, which previously fought in the Eastern mode of Aleppo ", - the expert believes.

According Mardasova, Turkish policy of weakening the Kurds is clear, but in this case, both Russia and the United States have tried and are trying to prevent clashes between the allies. "Therefore, various unpleasant episodes do not go beyond the incidents" - he concluded.

It may turn up in the region and the Americans

unofficial information continues to come Meanwhile, the fact that the United States is going to start a large-scale ground invasion into Syria. On the eve of such information published The Washington Post.

According to "Kommersant" sources familiar with the situation told American reporters that the US Defense Ministry plans prepared Raqqa assault involve strengthening the American groups in the region. Allegedly, according to Pentagon documents, required for the operation of transfer of a large contingent of troops, including special forces, helicopter gunships and artillery. To do this, journalists say, is necessary to remove Barack Obama has imposed a limit on the number of troops in Syria.

Earlier a similar proposal to the Americans came from Ankara. In addition, it is not the first information of this kind, which appeared in the American media.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Golobokov

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