Today: August 20 2018
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The head of Cyprus supported the shipowners of the island

The head of Cyprus supported the shipowners of the island

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The President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis expressed his support to the shipowners who are flying the Cyprus flag, noting that in March 2018 a new Shipping Secretariat will be established in the Republic, which will work closely with the private sector and intensify efforts to attract more shipowners and companies to Cyprus , which will help the development of the industry.

The President expressed this at a solemn reception on the occasion of the opening of the shipping conference in Cyprus, which began its work in Limassol on Monday. The three-day forum is called: "Shipping: Yesterday's World, Tomorrow". Participation in it takes more than 800 delegates from 35 countries. Among the distinguished guests are the European Transport Commissioner Violetta Bull, shipowners and heads of international maritime organizations and companies.

Anastassiadis noted that Cyprus has the eleventh largest fleet in the world and the third largest fleet in the European Union, being one of the largest centers for ship management.

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