Today: March 22 2019
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Greek Foreign Minister told about the response to the next Turkish provocation

Greek Foreign Minister told about the response to the next Turkish provocation

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Kotzias said that in the incident near the islands of Turkey, Turkey "crossed the red line" and the next time "there will be no peaceful behavior on the part of Greece."

According to the Greek Coast Guard, 12 February 23.40 (00.40 13 February, Moscow time) in the Greek territorial waters east of Imiya, the Turkish patrol boat made dangerous maneuvers in violation of international rules for preventing collisions of ships and collided with the ship of the Greek Coast Guard patrolling in the area.

The incident near Imia became the most serious in recent times. Prior to this, official Athens spoke of improving relations with Turkey.

"They (Turkey) violate international law and do not know the geography.The islands of Imia are Greek.It is determined by international law and international treaties," said Nikos Kotzias in an interview with Alpha television.

"I would say that Turkey is very nervous ... In the incident around the islands of Imiya, it reached the red line and in some ways overcame it ... and we told them that there will be no such peaceful, let's say, Greek behavior," the minister said. .

In his opinion, Turkey is worried, because her affairs in Syria are going badly, and there was no "simple walk".
"She has an open front with Iraq, Armenia has closed borders with her, and with Cyprus she behaves like a cowboy in the Eastern Mediterranean because of the exclusive economic zone and the fact that a large amount of gas was discovered and she can not carry on game as she wanted, "said Kotzias.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece warned Ankara against the recurrence of such incidents.

"She does not have to do it again.This does not have to happen again.This is what the Turks need to hear because they all talk about warnings and warnings ... And I told them that Greece is not Syria or Iraq, I have good attitude towards these countries, I'm saying this from the point of view of Turkey's behavior.We are a well-established state with good defense, good defensive systems, with high diplomatic ability, "said Kotzias.

He called the "stupid" adviser to the Turkish president Yigit Bulut, who earlier called Greece "a fly next to the giant," and also promised "to break the legs and hands of those who dare to land on Imia."
"The fact that he remains an adviser to Erdogan does not make him smarter." Silly witticisms: he must measure his words, what would he say if the adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece came out and said that he would break Erdogan's hands? " Minister.

Kotzias stressed that Greece should solve all problems with other neighboring countries and "focus on the main geostrategic political issue", that is, in Turkey.

Gennady Melnik
RIA News
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