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The main "crime" Putin - the revival of Russian values

"Why so much hatred for Russia?" - asks columnist Boulevard Voltaire Klod Roshe. According to him, Vladimira Putina popularity stems from its role as the "reducing agent" of the state, transformed after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the "paradise for speculators," as well as the return of Russian values ​​- that the West can see one of the major "crimes" of the Russian leader.

According Boulevard Voltaire, after the collapse of the USSR in the Western powers (led by the United States) had an idea about what should be with Russia,"Fallen and weakened the empire, a paradise for speculators."During the presidency of Boris Yeltsin American consultants"Grabbed"a fee of $ 5,6 billion for"Help Russia's transition to a market economy". As a result, according to Boulevard Voltaire, living standards fell to 40%, the country's wealth concentrated in the hands of the seven oligarchs, corruption has become quite common, birth rates fell, increased mortality, Russia has lost its international prestige. Meanwhile, the Western powers supporting the centrifugal movement in the neighboring regions using"Color revolutions".

Corruption - is"Inherent evil of Russian history", Writes the French edition. But it is not alien to the major powers, which do not have proper state apparatus, capable of creating a coherent system of administrative management. Putin's popularity, as the Boulevard Voltaire says, lies in its role"Reducing agent"the state of the economy, social policy, national power and prestige that"Culminated"peaceful return to their homeland Crimea.

However, Putin still need to solve the problem of corruption, which"Hinders the development of the country". Together with the bureaucracy, corruption corrupts social relations, undermines the authority of the state, becomes an obstacle to economic initiatives and demoralizes citizens, argues Boulevard Voltaire.

This phenomenon is not limited to Russia, and also applies to the former republics, especially Ukraine. However, according to the French edition, that's another story."Let's leave it forLe Worldor Libération ».

"Heavy Putin crime", According to our Western elites - is, without a doubt,"A return to the values ​​of Russian as a means of solving problems"Reports Boulevard VoltaireDostoevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov" is illustrated by the opposite characters of brothers, one of whom attract material and individualistic values ​​of the West, associated with the progress, and the other - the value of collectively carrying Slavic identity, but associated with the backwardness of the country. The eternal dilemma between individualistic materialism and spiritual collective values.

"The path chosen by Putin's Russia - a modern market economy and modern development technologies, but limited Russian values ​​and a return to Slavic collective values ​​of the Orthodox religion,- writes Boulevard Voltaire. - This is something between the collective and the individual, whereas we fully subordinated to the collective individual ".

A source: RT

Author: InoTV

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