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The main rich man of Cyprus could keep the island for a year

If the government of Cyprus suddenly lost treasury and completely ran out of funds, the richest citizen of Cyprus could keep the country for 441 days. Such statistics are given by Bloomberg in the annual the index "Robin Hood."

The index assesses how many days the existence of a country would be enough for the state of one of its richest citizen.

Cyprus would last longer on the money of its richest citizen. As we reported earlier, the richest citizen of Cyprus is the king of a tanker fleet from Norway, John Fredricksen. His fortune is now estimated at 10,4 billion dollars. The annual cost of the government of Cyprus, according to the IMF, is 8,6 billion dollars.

In second place is Georgia. The fortunes of her former prime minister Bidzin Ivanishvili would last for 430 days.

The money of the richest Russian, Alexei Mordashev (Severstal), would have ended in two weeks if the government had asked him for sponsorship.

Less than others would hold out on the money of the "oligarchs" China, Japan and Poland (4 days). The condition of a US citizen, Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com) would be enough for five days.

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

Author: Gleb Nekrasov

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