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The main naval parade in St. Petersburg

The main naval parade in St. Petersburg

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Before the start of the solemn event, the head of state on the boat made a detour around the ships lined up in the Neva raid and congratulated the crews on the holiday.

The revived Main Naval Parade ended in St. Petersburg. The solemn event, timed to the Day of the Navy, was held in the presence of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Before the start of the parade, the head of state on the boat made a detour around the ships lined up in the Neva raid and congratulated the crews on the holiday.

Having moored at the Admiralty embankment, the President congratulated the sailors and members of their families. The sea and air parts of the parade were then held in the water area of ​​the Neva River in St. Petersburg and on the Kronstadt naval roadstead (this part was broadcast on large screens in the Senate Square).

Hundreds of thousands of people

To see the parade, hundreds of thousands of Petersburgers and visitors came to the embankments on Sunday morning. The parade, a signal to the beginning of which was fired from a cannon from the Peter and Paul Fortress, takes place in the water area of ​​the Neva River in St. Petersburg and on the Kronstadt naval roadstead. In honor of the holiday, the torches of the Rostral Columns are burning in the direction of the Vasilyevsky Island. The main bridges of the city are divorced for passage of ships and boats. Daytime wiring of four main ferries is a unique event for St. Petersburg.

Passing ships Petersburgers cheered: "Hooray." Many people came to vests, the caps of all the fleets of Russia. Basically, people come with whole families, congratulate each other, willingly share the caps for photographs, carry naval flags. Occupying places for a better view, St. Petersburg residents and guests began a few hours before the start of the parade. The parking lots were very quickly filled. However, there were no serious traffic jams in the center. Service "Yandeks.Probki" estimated the density of congestion on three points on the 10-scale scale. The authorities of Petersburg in advance warned of traffic restrictions and recommended using public transport.

The sea part of the parade

The paratrooper with the Peter the Great's boat on board opened the sea part of the parade. It was followed by the most high-speed patrol boats of the Navy of the Raptor project and other ships with the combat banners of the glorified divisions and other formations that distinguished themselves in the naval battles of the Great Patriotic War. The spectators also saw the heavy nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great, the world's largest nuclear submarine Dmitry Donskoy, a number of the newest ships of the Navy - the landing Ivan Grin, the frigate Admiral Makarov, the submarines Veliky Novgorod and Vladikavkaz ". Chinese ships, such as the destroyer Hefei, the Yongcheng frigate and the Lomakhu supply vessel, who together with the Russian seamen conducted the Sea Interaction exercise, also participated in the festival.

In the aviation part of the parade on St. Petersburg flying ship Su-33K and MiG-29K bombers shore-based aircraft Su-24M and replacing them multifunctional Su-30SM interceptors MiG-31BM, antisubmarine aircraft IL-38 and Tu-142M and other machines. Also in the aerial part of the parade were presented the latest Ka-52K "Katran" (carrier-based version of the shock "Alligator") and traditional naval Ka-Ka and 27-29, as well as transport-combat Mi-Mi-8 24VP.

In total, about 50 ships and submarines, 40 aircraft and helicopters took part in the parade. In solemn events for the first time in the history of naval parades in St. Petersburg, more than five thousand sailors of the Baltic, Northern, Black Sea fleets and the Caspian Flotilla were involved.

Concerts in the center of St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, festive events are not limited to demonstrating the capabilities of the Navy. During the day the concerts will be held at various venues in the city center, in particular in the Alexander Garden and the Peter and Paul Fortress. The performance of maritime and military bands, thematic exhibitions, competitions and master classes are expected. With concerts will perform Alexei Kortnev and the group "The Accident", Lyudmila Senchina, rock musician Vyacheslav Butusov.

Festive program on the main stage, located on the Palace Square, will be completed by the "Turkish Choir", which will perform with the "Song Festival", which is also called "national karaoke". Everyone wishing together with musicians will be able to sing favorite songs of several generations. By tradition, this day there will be free entrance to the Central Naval Museum and its branches, including the cruiser Aurora. After the end of the morning parade, access will also be granted to operating ships in the water area of ​​the Neva.


The tradition of holding the Main Naval Parade goes back to the founder of the Russian fleet Peter I. The decree for the first time in the recent history of Russia of the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg was signed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on 27 July.

Earlier, the Russian leader said that Russia is ready to make such parades with foreign partners. "We invite everyone to admire, we invite to St. Petersburg to see how it will be organized, how it will pass," Putin said, "We are ready to invite partners from the countries of the region to participate in this event and are ready to make it joint."

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