Today: March 19 2019
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Minister of Finance and the Central Bank to meet with

Minister of Finance and the Central Bank will meet the "Troika"

Tags: The economy, the Central Bank, the EU, the IMF, the ECB, the European Commission, Cyprus

Cyprus Finance Minister Harris Georgiades and head of the Central Bank of Cyprus Panicos Demetriades meet with representatives of the Troika of international lenders.

Updated Memorandum, which was transferred to the Ministry of Finance of the Troika, on Saturday, has been sent to the relevant ministries for comments.

After the talks and meetings with representatives of various sectors of the economy Troika representatives begin negotiations on a political level with the government about the content of the updated Memorandum.

The aim of the government and the Troika is to resolve all issues relating to the memorandum, until Tuesday, 11 February.

In the spotlight - the privatization of parastatals, innovations in health care and non-performing loans.

The Ministry of Finance is optimistic claims that the third assessment Troika will be positive.

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